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Kids and Playtime: How Much Physical Activity Do Kids Need?

Physical activity is essential to any growing child! On top of just burning off their extra energy (and boy do toddlers have a lot of it!), moving about helps children learn more about their bodies and how it works. These days, however, we’re seeing a steady increase in screen time which means sacrificing some much […]

Unlocking the Secrets to Childhood Happiness

  Every parent’s wish is for their child to grow up happy. At Little Zak’s, we share this wish with all our parents and do our best to give our children their best start in life. Here are our secrets to unlocking childhood happiness. 1. Add music Music creates a positive and uplifting environment, no […]

The Kids Take On Clean Up Australia Day!

Australia is a beautiful country that’s rich with amazing outdoors. From bushlands to beaches, parks and mountains, each one is just as awesome as the next. Sadly, people have gotten careless and forgotten to take care of our surroundings, which is why Clean Up Australia Day is so important! Clean Up Australia Day encourages every […]

4 Cool Science Activities Perfect for Preschoolers

Kids are naturally curious and inquisitive about everything around them! At our different daycare centres in Sydney, we constantly provide our kids with fun and engaging science experiements to spark their inner inventor! Here are our top 4 cool science activities for your little ones.     1. Rotten to the Core This one is […]

5 Things You Should Ask On a Centre Tour

Your child’s first five years are arguably the most important in their life! Babies experience a massive growth spurt when it comes to their neurological, physical, mental and social development which is why it is absolutely important to find the best childcare provider in Sydney that will cater to their needs! Here are some questions […]

Signs Your Child is School-Ready

The start of kindergarten is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for many parents. Every child grows at a different pace so there are no hard and fast rules as to what age a child is ready for school. Instead of basing it on a number, look out for these tell-tales signs! 1. Communicates well […]

Monkeying Around to Better Grades

How many times have we been told growing up to stop monkeying around and start studying seriously? But did you know science has proven that fun is a key factor in getting better grades? Here are some ways playtime can help enhance your child’s learning. 1. Interest and attention Oftentimes, our minds wander off when […]

Raising Your Own Little Santa

With Christmas just around the corner, the air is full of the giving spirit! But who says giving and generosity can only be practised during the holidays? Here’s how you can raise your own little Santa who loves to give gifts the whole year round! 1. Show empathy Without a doubt, the best way to […]

Timeless Tips to Raising Kind Kids

More than anything else, kindness is a skill we must develop in our children. And just like any other skill, kindness is taught through repetition and through example. Here are some timeless tips you can use to raise kinder kids! 1. Show empathy to others Kids learn best through example. If your child sees you […]

Helping Kids Celebrate Diversity Through Inclusivity

Australia is home to many various cultures and peoples. With so many beautiful histories, traditions and backgrounds, it’s important to teach our children how to be open-minded and to appreciate and include people from all walks of life! Every child is born open-minded and accepting of everybody. Here’s how you can encourage your children to […]

Beyond the Goos and Ahs: Developing a Connection Through Communication

Effective communication is an important foundation for raising happy and secure children. Communication should be practiced both at home and at their child care centre. After all, a child’s preschool years are the most essential time when it comes to their emotional and social development. 1.Maintain eye contact Never under estimate eye contact! From babies […]