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5 Surprising Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity for children of all ages! On top of the physical benefits children can receive (including better muscle development, improved balance and co-ordination), swimming has also been linked to a number of surprising benefits, which is why we’ve started offering it to a number of our childcare centres in Sydney.* Here […]

First Aid Tips Every Parent Should Know

All parents and educators alike wish injuries in our children never happen, but reality is, bumps and scrapes are inevitable when it comes to raising children. Ensure you keep calm during those situations by familiarising yourself with basic first aid tips to help you get through them! photo credits: www.familyeducation.com 1. Skin Wounds Skin wounds are […]

Christmas Traditions You Should Adopt

Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year! At Little Zak’s Academy, we do our best to introduce our children to various traditions from around the world. Here are some of the ones we can’t wait to try at our child care centres across Sydney.   Brazil It is customary in Brazil to […]

Raising Children in the Digital Age

Studies have shown that, on average, people spend around 10 hours a day connected to some form of technology (their phone, laptop, tablet or the television). Technology these days, for better or for worse, greatly influences and shapes the way we raise our children and greatly affects their growth and development. Our experts weigh in […]

What Yoga Can Do For Your Kids

For years now people have been clamoring about the amazing effects yoga has on them. No matter the age, yoga has proven to aid in multiple aspects of life including physically, mentally and emotionally. Here are the top benefits children can gain from regularly practicing yoga. 1. Develops body awareness Yoga is all about learning […]

How the New CCS Affects You

  As of 2 July 2018, the government has transitioned from the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate (CCR) to a single Child Care Subsidy (and additional Child Care Subsidy if needed). This new Child Care subsidy will be a single means and activity tested subsidy that will be paid directly to […]

Rainy Day Activities Your Child Will Love

  Winter is truly here! We’re waving goodbye temporarily to sunny days and saying hello to chilly and rainy winter afternoons bundled up inside. But don’t fret! Staying indoors can still be fun with these activities from the educators from our childcare centres in Sydney. Here are our favourite rainy day activities.       […]

Kids and Playtime: How Much Physical Activity Do Kids Need?

Physical activity is essential to any growing child! On top of just burning off their extra energy (and boy do toddlers have a lot of it!), moving about helps children learn more about their bodies and how it works. These days, however, we’re seeing a steady increase in screen time which means sacrificing some much […]

Unlocking the Secrets to Childhood Happiness

  Every parent’s wish is for their child to grow up happy. At Little Zak’s, we share this wish with all our parents and do our best to give our children their best start in life. Here are our secrets to unlocking childhood happiness. 1. Add music Music creates a positive and uplifting environment, no […]

The Kids Take On Clean Up Australia Day!

Australia is a beautiful country that’s rich with amazing outdoors. From bushlands to beaches, parks and mountains, each one is just as awesome as the next. Sadly, people have gotten careless and forgotten to take care of our surroundings, which is why Clean Up Australia Day is so important! Clean Up Australia Day encourages every […]