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Narellan Vale

Little Zak’s Academy Narellan Vale has been in operation from February 2018. The newest addition to our Little Zak’s family, it’s fitted out with brand new state-of-the-art facilities to provide our children with a high quality care program.

We strive on being the best in the area, providing our children with the tools to create the best start in life. We do this by conducting incursions, which include the local fire brigade, police department, doctors, dentists, vets and Kindi-farms. We also implement an intense school readiness program for our preschool aged children.

But most importantly, we only employ the best educators who are dedicated to providing a stimulating and exciting program for our children, supported by their caring and nurturing nature and great team like attitude. A chef is present on premises, to provide 5 meals daily.

Entry to the centre can be found by the use of a door bell and securely locked entry.

Our child care Narellan Vale centre caters for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

Please browse through our website, for further information.

(02) 4648 3906

42 Waterworth Drive Narellan Vale, NSW 2567

Our centre is open from 7.00am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

We are open for 52 weeks of the year, and closed only on Public Holidays.

Narellan Vale – News and Events

Every month we have many different dress up days, special events and special visitors come to the centre. Have a look what’s on over the next months here at Little Zak’s Narellan Vale.


1 Jan to 7 Jan: Gantan Sai

17 Jan: Kid Inventors’ Day

18 Jan to 27 Jan: Aboriginal Cultural Showcase

26 Jan: Australia Day


1 Feb to 28 Feb: Heart Kids National Awareness Month

1 Feb to 28 Feb: Sustainable Living Festival

2 Feb: World Wetlands Day

4 Feb: World Cancer Day

5 Feb to 19 Feb: Chinese New Year

13 Feb: National Apology Anniversary

14 Feb: Sweetheart / Valentine’s Day

20 Feb: World Day of Social Justice

21 Feb: International Mother Language Day

22 Feb: World Thinking Day

28 Feb: Summers Day


13 Mar to 17 Mar: Crazy Hair Day

3 Mar: World Wildlife Day

3 Mar: Clean Up Australia Day

3 Mar to 9 Mar: Hearing Awareness Week

3 Mar to 11 Mar: Parks Week

7 Mar: World Book Day

17 Mar: St Patrick’s Day

18 Mar to 24 Mar: Cultural Diversity Week

20 Mar: International Day of Happiness

21 Mar: Close the Gap Day

21 Mar: World Poetry Day

21 Mar: Harmony Day

21 Mar: International Day of Forests

22 Mar: World Water Day

30 Mar: Earth Hour

31 Mar: Neighbour Day


2 Apr: International Children’s Book Day

2 Apr: World Autism Day

4 Apr: World Stray Animals Day

10 Apr to 18 Apr: National Youth Week

12 Apr: International Day of Human Space Flight

14 Apr: Baisakhi – Sikh (Harvest Festival of North India)

17 Apr to 28 Apr: Nature Play Week

19 Apr to 22 Apr: Easter

22 Apr: Earth Day

25 Apr: Anzac Day

28 Apr: Pay It Forward Day

29 April to 5 May: Australian Dance Week


1 Sep to 30 Sep: Save the Koala Month

1 Sep: Wattle Day

1 Sep: Father’s Day

1 Sep to 7 Sep: Child Protection Week

1 Sep to 7 Sep: Sea Week

2 Sep to 8 Sep: National Superhero Week

3 Sep: National Flag Day

4 Sep: Educators Day

4 Sep: Indigenous Literacy Day

8 Sep: Int’l Literacy Day

12 Sep: R U OK? Day

13 Sep: Roald Dahl Day

15 Sep: Sustainable House Day

19 Sep: Talk Like a Pirate Day

27 Sep: World Maritime Day


1 Oct: International Day of Older Persons

TBA: Annual charity disco

4 Oct: World Animal Day

4 Oct: World Smile Day

4 Oct to 10 Oct: World Space Week

5 Oct: World Teachers Day

6 Oct to 12 Oct: Fire Prevention Week

10 Oct: World Homeless Day

13 Oct to 19 Oct TBC: National Nutrition Week

15 Oct: Global Hand Washing Day

16 Oct: World Food Day

19 Oct: Loud Shirt Day

20 Oct to 26 Oct TBC:  National Water Week

21 Oct to 27 Oct:  Aussie Backyard Bird Count

21 Oct to 27 Oct TBC:  Children’s Week

27 Oct: Grandparents Day

27 Oct to 31 Oct:  Hindu-Diwali Festival of Lights


1 Dec to 24 Dec: Operation Santa

3 Dec: Int’l Day of People with Disabilities

10 Dec: Human Rights Day


TBA: XMAS Party & concert

25 Dec: Christmas Day

26 Dec: Boxing Day

Narellan Vale – Educational Program

Here at Little Zak’s, we are committed to providing an educational program which allows for children to grow at their own pace, with the support and help from our Early Childhood Educators.

By providing a stimulated learning environment, our programs enable children to learn through child interest based experiences and capabilities, which are found through frequent observations, family involvement, and intentional teaching. With the use of modern technology such as Ipads and computers, we are able to provide an intense school readiness program, along with age appropriate learning for each age group.

Our daily curriculums are based on the Early Years Learning Framework, along with assistance from the National Quality Framework and Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools. With these in mind, we are able to create a fantastic learning opportunity, both indoors and outdoors.

We maintain a positive environment for our children to grow, using observations in the key areas of development, which include fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, language, social development, and emotional development, as a basis for our intentional teaching and individual learning.

We have comprised our routine into different areas of the day, including group times based on language, school readiness, and music and movement, along with intentional teaching, which incorporates projects the children are currently interested in.

Projects become a main source of learning through the use of parent interaction, community input, and child involvement. We select a topic of interest, through our observations of children, or through parent discussion, and use this as a basis to discover all about the topic. We then use parent and community involvement to assist with learning. This may include community members or families coming to visit and interacting with the children, teaching them about the interest they have at the time.

As children learn differently at each stage of development, we ensure all our children feel welcomed and confident in their rooms.

In our infants’ room, we create a warm and supportive environment to help our children gain confidence, and create attachments with our early childhood educators. In turn, this will create a basis for our infants to confidently reach their milestones with assistance and guidance, along with daily routines, which help children settle into a early child care environment. We incorporate daily living experiences, to help children gain independence, including hand washing, small group times, and self feeding. This maintains a positive learning environment and helps build the foundation for future learning experiences.

As our infants grow and move on to toddlerhood, we then are able to help set the scene for a positive educational background. Throughout our toddler age groups, children are given the opportunity to grow independently through assisted toilet training, larger group times, and free play both indoors and outdoors. Our parent involvement and community aspects become an important feature in our toddler’s learning, as it helps us create a longer lasting relationship through families and educators.

As our children are then able to proceed through to our preschool program, our children begin to be involved in our intense school readiness program. This program includes all developmental areas, including writing and pre-reading skills. We involve our children in Ant’s in the Apple, a phonics program giving our children the best start to pre-reading as required for Kindergarten, as well as many other school readiness initiatives brought out by Little Zak’s Academy.

Narellan Vale – Orientation

As your child commences at Little Zak’s Academy, we strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment for them to settle into. We do understand that they may be a littleupset throughout the process of settling in, which may take a longer period of time for some than others. Our orientation and settling in process is as follows:


Once offered a position at the centre, we sit with our families and complete an enrolment form and take down the initial bond payment. We provide parents with a parent handbook, which we read through together, and allow time for parents to ask any questions which they may have. Once we have finished this process, we will book in an orientation day for our families to come and play for an hour, in order to help the child find familiarity in the centre.

On a typical orientation, we will arrange a time of 10am-11am for you and your child to come for a play. The supervisor will introduce you to the room leader, and allow them to explain information about the room. They will explain what to bring, where to sign in and out each day, where to place your child’s belongings, what they will be experiencing throughout the day, sleep regimes, eating regimes and toileting regimes as well as where to find all the recorded information. Our educators will encourage your little one to join in the experiences, while letting you step back and watch how they settle in.

At the end of the orientation, our Supervisor will meet with you once again to look over all necessary paperwork once more, and answer any follow up questions you may have.


First Days

During your child’s first official days at the centre, we do recommend a shorter half day and then progressing on to a full day, if possible, as children tend to be a little upset, when they are separated from their parents. When this is not possible, we ensure we communicate with our families to assure them their child is settling in.

We understand that although this is a tough time for our children, it is equally as tough for our families to leave their little one in someone else’s care. To help our families through this time, we recommend they call the centre when they want to enquire about their child’s progress. This will help determine pick up times when settling in, as well as providing parents with as much information about their child as possible.

We are always using different forms of communication with our families, from verbal communication, our communication diaries in each room, signs and notices, emails and over the phone communication. Please feel free to ask our educators all about these methods, to help you in staying up to date with the centre, your child’s room and your child’s individual information.


Narellan Vale – School Readiness

Attending Kindergarten is a major transition for our little ones, so here at Little Zak’s, we provide an intensive school readiness program, implementing the use of all Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools. By using the Key Learning Areas, along with the Early Years Learning Framework, we are able to provide an enriching environment for our children to develop with, each at their own pace, helping our children gain the confidence and self-esteem to tackle Kindergarten with ease.

When children begin school, it can be quite a daunting thought for them, so we encourage our children to participate in group experiences throughout their time in the pre-school room, to gain confidence and learn how to positively gain friendships and relationship with those around them.

Our intensive school readiness program comprises of classroom worksheets, homework sheets, group times, social experiences, music and movement, free exploration and active play, and pre-reading and writing exercises, which are all based on the interests of the children. We also provide children with much needed time for free play, in order for them to experience the world around them. We have also recently incorporated the use of computers and Ipads, to assist children in finding out more about the world around them, while learning through modern technology. Having the internet at our fingertips allows any question to be answered, as well as raise more. We also use many programs on both systems to assist with our school readiness program.

We use our key phonics system, ‘Ants in the Apple’ to start our children off on the right track, in regards to pre-reading skills. We also incorporate the NSW ‘foundation handwriting’ print, to help our children with pre-writing skills before they reach school.

We include many other theories to educate our children, incorporating the philosophies behind our Early Years Learning Framework, Reggio Emilia, Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools, Erikson, Gardner and more. This helps us provide a holistic way of educating our children, through means of literacy, creativity, technology and physicality.

Narellan Vale – Parent Involvement

We pride ourselves on family input and participation at our Narellan Vale child care centre. It truly makes a difference when we are incorporating the most important people to our children within our program. Each year, we have many special occasions where we invite our parents and families to the centre, to join in and celebrate with us. Some of these include Easter Celebrations, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Father’s Day, Preschool Graduation, Christmas Celebrations and much more.

While these are our standard family days, we are always seeking participation from our families. We understand that everyone is different, and that everyone can bring education using their own talents and abilities. Which is why, when we have experiences and projects within the centre, we ask our parents to help through participation. Participating could mean a matter of different experiences. This may include families attending the centre to share their career knowledge and experience, sharing their culture, bringing in a grandparent, cousin or overseas guest to share in the child care experience, helping their preschoolers with homework booklets each week, providing information or creating dioramas about specific projects children are engaging in, or donating resources to the centre.

If you have a talent or something special to share with us, please let us know and we would be happy to have you help out.

Our centre creates an open door environment. Please come and see us in action!


O ur centre is open at all times for parental inspections
P lease come and see how we help your child’s development
E ntry by families at any time is your guarantee of the continuing quality of our working practices and protection for staff management
N ever use a service where you are not welcome


D o not hesitate to visit us
O ur centre is proud of the quality of care we provide
O ur staff are qualified, trained, experienced and talented
R ather than take our word for it
S ee for yourself!

Narellan Vale – Fees

Our centre aims to ensure quality care at a competitive rate, providing a modern, purpose built educational setting for children to learn and grow. Our daily fees are discussed throughout our tours and initial orientations within the centre.

An initial $150 administration fee is payable to secure your position at the centre. Once you commence at the service, one weeks fees are payable in advance. Besides our initial administration payment, all our fees are processed through a direct debit system. Families are able to nominate a bank account which can be used to withdraw the fees from either weekly or fortnightly (no credit cards). To assist with the direct debit system, families will receive a weekly statement, helping guide them on the transactions taking place.

Included in the daily price is 5 freshly made meals per day, milk (excluding formula), nappies and an intense preschool program.

As our centre is fully accredited, your out of pocket payable fees is dependent on the assistance provided to you by the Family Assistance Office. This can be found by contacting Centrelink online, via phone, or in person. Please feel free to talk to our Supervisor regarding rebates and benefits, and how it works with our fees.

For further information regarding out of pocket expenses after processing the rebate and benefit, you can use the MyChild Estimator. Follow the link below and scroll down to the out of pocket expenses section and select the daily price. Once you have selected the price you can then press go and below will be the estimated costs per day.

For any other enquires regarding our fees, please feel free to contact the centre directly.

Narellan Vale – Educators

Little Zak’s recognises that its continuous quality care is mainly sourced by quality early childhood educators. This is why we take careful consideration when finding the right employees.

Each environment within our centre, has government introduced ratios to care for our children. We use this as a base to create a well running team, and to provide quality curriculums for our children to grow and develop in a positive way.

Our team of qualified educators comprise of university trained Early Childhood Teachers , Diploma trained educators, Certificate III trained educators, and individuals undertaking a traineeship, who are working on the premises while obtaining their Certificate III in Children’s Services.

To oversee the daily running of the centre, we have a Managing Director who will visit the centre often, helping give the Nominated Supervisor and other educator’s advice and knowledge in providing consistent quality programs for our children.

Our centre is run by a Nominated Supervisor, who is not necessarily counted within the ratio of educated staff, giving them the opportunity to help guide other educators, and is responsible for the daily running of the centre.

Each of our rooms are led by a designated Room Leader, along with assistants helping provide a quality environment for our children within the centre. We also have a floater within the centre, who replaces our permanent room staff off the floor, to maintain curriculums, paperwork and research quality programs.

We are continuously providing further education for our educators within the service. This is to help them gain the most up to date knowledge of how to provide a service to best suit the needs of our children.

Each of our educators undertake a First Aid Certificate, along with Asthma and Anaphylaxis training, to help care for our children while in the service, along with training on behavior management, school readiness, environmental set ups and communicating with children.

Narellan Vale – Contact Us

Our centre is open from 7:00am – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.

We are open for 52 weeks of the year, and closed only on Public Holidays.

Please call us on (02) 4648 3906 to arrange a tour of the centre, or alternatively complete the form below:

42 Waterworth Drive Narellan Vale,NSW 2567

Send us mail