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At  Little Zak’s Academy Sydney Olympic Park child care centre,  we never underestimate how difficult a decision it is to leave your child in the care of others and our aim is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make this very important decision.

Our Educators feel that by being attuned to children’s thoughts and feelings, this supports the development of a strong sense of wellbeing. Our aim is to work closely with families to form a partnership, where Educators can develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognise that children learn through play. Fundamental to the EYLF (EARLY YEARS LEANING FRAMEWORK) is the view that children’s lives and childhood is a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

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4 Betty Cuthbert Avenue,
Sydney Olympic Park, 2127

Our centre is open from 7.00am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

We are open for 52 weeks of the year, and closed only on Public Holidays.

Sydney Olympic Park  – News and Events

Every month we have many different dress up days, special events and special visitors come to the centre. Have a look what’s on over the next months here at Little Zak’s Sydney Olympic Park.

Every month we have many different dress up days, special events and special visitors come to the centre. Have a look what’s on over the next months here at Little Zak’s Sydney Olympic Park.


1 Jan to 7 Jan: Gantan Sai

17 Jan: Kid Inventors’ Day

18 Jan to 27 Jan: Aboriginal Cultural Showcase

26 Jan: Australia Day


1 Feb to 28 Feb: Heart Kids National Awareness Month

1 Feb to 28 Feb: Sustainable Living Festival

2 Feb: World Wetlands Day

4 Feb: World Cancer Day

5 Feb to 19 Feb: Chinese New Year

13 Feb: National Apology Anniversary

14 Feb: Sweetheart / Valentine’s Day

20 Feb: World Day of Social Justice

21 Feb: International Mother Language Day

22 Feb: World Thinking Day

28 Feb: Summers Day


13 Mar to 17 Mar: Crazy Hair Day

3 Mar: World Wildlife Day

3 Mar: Clean Up Australia Day

3 Mar to 9 Mar: Hearing Awareness Week

3 Mar to 11 Mar: Parks Week

7 Mar: World Book Day

17 Mar: St Patrick’s Day

18 Mar to 24 Mar: Cultural Diversity Week

20 Mar: International Day of Happiness

21 Mar: Close the Gap Day

21 Mar: World Poetry Day

21 Mar: Harmony Day

21 Mar: International Day of Forests

22 Mar: World Water Day

30 Mar: Earth Hour

31 Mar: Neighbour Day


2 Apr: International Children’s Book Day

2 Apr: World Autism Day

4 Apr: World Stray Animals Day

10 Apr to 18 Apr: National Youth Week

12 Apr: International Day of Human Space Flight

14 Apr: Baisakhi – Sikh (Harvest Festival of North India)

17 Apr to 28 Apr: Nature Play Week

19 Apr to 22 Apr: Easter

22 Apr: Earth Day

25 Apr: Anzac Day

28 Apr: Pay It Forward Day

29 April to 5 May: Australian Dance Week


1 Sep to 30 Sep: Save the Koala Month

1 Sep: Wattle Day

1 Sep: Father’s Day

1 Sep to 7 Sep: Child Protection Week

1 Sep to 7 Sep: Sea Week

2 Sep to 8 Sep: National Superhero Week

3 Sep: National Flag Day

4 Sep: Educators Day

4 Sep: Indigenous Literacy Day

8 Sep: Int’l Literacy Day

12 Sep: R U OK? Day

13 Sep: Roald Dahl Day

15 Sep: Sustainable House Day

19 Sep: Talk Like a Pirate Day

27 Sep: World Maritime Day


1 Oct: International Day of Older Persons

TBA: Annual charity disco

4 Oct: World Animal Day

4 Oct: World Smile Day

4 Oct to 10 Oct: World Space Week

5 Oct: World Teachers Day

6 Oct to 12 Oct: Fire Prevention Week

10 Oct: World Homeless Day

13 Oct to 19 Oct TBC: National Nutrition Week

15 Oct: Global Hand Washing Day

16 Oct: World Food Day

19 Oct: Loud Shirt Day

20 Oct to 26 Oct TBC:  National Water Week

21 Oct to 27 Oct:  Aussie Backyard Bird Count

21 Oct to 27 Oct TBC:  Children’s Week

27 Oct: Grandparents Day

27 Oct to 31 Oct:  Hindu-Diwali Festival of Lights


1 Dec to 24 Dec: Operation Santa

3 Dec: Int’l Day of People with Disabilities

10 Dec: Human Rights Day


TBA: XMAS Party & concert

25 Dec: Christmas Day

26 Dec: Boxing Day

Our Curriculum

Little Zak’s Academy sees the years prior to school as a critical period of the child’s life for establishing the basis of their future learning and development. Here just a few activities that your child will in counter at our centre.


Each of our centres offers a weekly, individualised educational curriculum based on the children’s current learning and interests and designed to further each child’s growth and development.
The Little Zak’s Prep School program is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education which values the child as capable, strong and resilient: rich with wonder and knowledge.


Incursions are educational experiences which give further opportunities to investigate and explore. In order to ensure that the children are aware of and are connected with their local Community and beyond, Little Zak’s encourages incursions whereby different educational presentations, including music, drama, indigenous storytelling, farmyard visits and more, are offered to all the children within the centre on programmed days. These visits are considered to be of a large benefit to the children and their parents.


Little Zak’s Academy’s fundamental music classes are fun and creative. In early childhood appropriate, music skill developmental programs focusing on rhythm, beat, tempo, pitch, movement and expression is beneficial for the child. We incorporate bright percussion instruments, parachutes and other props to engage the children in a music journey.


Little Zak’s Academy believes that learning a foreign language is the ultimate brain booster. More than any other area of learning, the process of learning a language creates more synapses in the brain and dramatically increases the density of the grey matter of the brain.


Zak’s Yoga Club is a beneficial, weekly program designed for children aged 2-5. We believe all children have the right to experience the benefits of Yoga, so we’ve incorporated it into our learning program at each centre.


We have carefully designed a weekly multi sports programme that enables children to gain fitness regardless of their athletic ability.

We are dedicated to providing the best environment and experiences for children in their early years of development.

Our Children

0-2 Rooms

We are committed to providing an educational program which allows for children to grow at their own pace, with the support and help from our Early Childhood Educators.

By providing a stimulated learning environment, our programs enable children to learn through child interest based experiences and capabilities, which are found through frequent observations, family involvement, and intentional teaching. With the use of modern technology such as IPad’s and computers, we are able to provide an age appropriate learning for 0-2 children.

In our 0-2 rooms, we create a warm and supportive environment to help our children gain confidence, and create attachments with our early childhood educators. In turn, this will create a basis for our infants to confidently reach their milestones with assistance and guidance, along with daily routines, which help children settle into an early child care environment. We incorporate daily living experiences, to help children gain independence, including hand washing, small group times, and self-feeding. This maintains a positive learning environment and helps build the foundation for future learning experiences.

2-3 Year Rooms

Children are developing knowledge about themselves and their world through their curiosity and exploration. They are learning to challenge themselves and others whilst also demonstrating the emergence of their independence and self-help skills. Our 2-3 year rooms provides care for children aged between two and three years old.

As our infants grow and move on to toddlerhood, we then are able to help set the scene for a positive educational background. Throughout our toddler age groups, children are given the opportunity to grow independently through assisted toilet training, larger group times, and free play both indoors and outdoors. Our parent involvement and community aspects become an important feature in our toddler’s learning, as it helps us create a longer lasting relationship through families and educators.

3-5 Year Rooms

Children continue to develop their curiosity, creativity, skills of questioning, investigating and problem solving. Families and educators work together to support children’s learning.

Attending Kindergarten is a major transition for our little ones, so at Little Zak’s, we provide an intensive school readiness program, implementing the use of all Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools. By using the Key Learning Areas, along with the Early Years Learning Framework, we are able to provide an enriching environment for our children to develop with, each at their own pace, helping our children gain the confidence and self-esteem to tackle Kindergarten with ease.

When children begin school, it can be quite a daunting thought for them, so we encourage our children to participate in group experiences throughout their time in the pre-school room, to gain confidence and learn how to positively gain friendships and relationship with those around them.

We offer our children opportunities and experiences that encourage them to learn and develop the skills needed to prepare them for school.


Our seasonal menus are developed using fresh local produce sourced by our nutritionally-trained chef who prepares hot and cold meals consisting of a nutritionally balanced menu of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon tea served after 5pm to help their tummies last till dinner time.

We happily cater for children with allergies, religious and special dietary requirements. Little Zak’s Academy is also an Asthma Friendly Service approved by the Asthma Foundation, Australia and we are proud to welcome children that suffer from Asthma or Anaphylaxis.

There is a daily menu board located at the centre, and menu suggestion forms are also available. We put a huge amount of love and effort in providing quality nutritious meals, and welcome all your feedback and suggestions.

We aim to make Little Zak’s children come together and not only discover delicious ingredients, but also learn about the importance of maintaining healthy eating habits.

Sydney Olympic Park – Educators

Little Zak’s recognises that its continuous quality care is mainly sourced by quality early childhood educators. This is why we take careful consideration when finding the right employees.

Each environment within our centre, has government introduced ratios to care for our children. We use this as a base to create a well running team, and to provide quality curriculums for our children to grow and develop in a positive way.

Our team of qualified educators comprise of university trained Early Childhood Teachers , Diploma trained educators, Certificate III trained educators, and individuals undertaking a traineeship, who are working on the premises while obtaining their Certificate III in Children’s Services.

To oversee the daily running of the centre, we have a Managing Director who will visit the centre often, helping give the Nominated Supervisor and other educator’s advice and knowledge in providing consistent quality programs for our children.

Our centre is run by a Nominated Supervisor, who is not necessarily counted within the ratio of educated staff, giving them the opportunity to help guide other educators, and is responsible for the daily running of the centre.

Each of our rooms are led by a designated Room Leader, along with assistants helping provide a quality environment for our children within the centre. We also have a floater within the centre, who replaces our permanent room staff off the floor, to maintain curriculums, paperwork and research quality programs.

We are continuously providing further education for our educators within the service. This is to help them gain the most up to date knowledge of how to provide a service to best suit the needs of our children.

Each of our educators undertake a First Aid Certificate, along with Asthma and Anaphylaxis training, to help care for our children while in the service, along with training on behavior management, school readiness, environmental set ups and communicating with children.

Sydney Olympic Park – Contact Us

Our Sydney Olympic Park child care centre is open from 7:00am-6:00pm, Monday to Friday.

We are open for 52 weeks of the year, closing down on Public Holidays.

Please call us on 9157 0780 to arrange a tour of the centre, alternatively complete the form below:


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