Hatching Baby Chicks

We have introduced chicken egg incubators at all our centres.  It is great that children have the opportunity to learn about the lifecycle and how chickens are born at such a young age.  The children are very excited to see baby chicks hatch from their eggs first hand.

It took approximately 2 days for the chickens to hatch.  The children were fascinated and anticipated the big day.  We taught them about temperatures using picture books, 3D craft and explained that hens sit on their eggs to keep them warm.  Children also learnt that hens lay eggs and fertilized eggs become baby chicks.  It was a thrilling discovery when the chicks hatched from their eggs; the children were very proud and in awe.  The children love nurturing the chicks, feeding and patting them.  We took the opportunity to teach them about other lifecycles including egg tadpoles turning into frogs and caterpillars cocooning into butterflies using ipads, pictures and craft experiences.