Little Zak's Academy


Little Zak’s Academy prides itself on ensuring quality care – providing children with the tools they need to create the best start in life. Knowing how fantastic our centres are from a parent’s perspective is extremely helpful in a new parents search for childcare. Here’s what parents have to say about Little Zak’s.

Little Zak’s Terry Hills – Amy

I think that little zaks academy at Terrey Hills is absolutely fantastic! My son is 14 months old now and he started attending the kindergarten after he just turned 1 years old and he has grown and socialized so much that he loves all his friends and teachers at the kindergarten! I cant highly recommend this kindergarten enough absolutely fantastic polite very well in tuned workers for the children!

Little Zak’s Epping – Morag

There is no doubt in my mind that Little Zak’s, Epping (centre 1) has been an incredibly positive and enjoyable experience for our son, Edward. This is his third day care in the space of his little life of 4 years and I am utterly thrilled with the constant love and support that he gets from the carers and the centre. Everyday he comes home smiling and I know that he has absolutely thrived. The activities that he does, the songs he sings, the fun he has is just wonderful and I can see such a difference in him. I recommend Little Zak’s to everybody who is looking for childcare and would like to thank you for the amazing work you do.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Lisa

Our daughter has been at Little Zak’s for the past 12 months, commencing in the Busy Bee’s baby room and now in the Gumnuts Room for ages 2-3 years. What started out as a very difficult transition for her (from her previous centre) to Little Zak’s, has finally become a positive part of our daily routine. The Educators were and are sensitive to the child’s specific needs and developments. They were extremely caring and provide comfort and attention when required. They were fantastic during this transition and we are so happy with the progress Zara is making, not just over the long term, but on a daily basis! The things she is learning and coming home and talking about are phenomenal. The constant updates that we receive throughout the day helps us to understand what they are up to and allow us to become involved in what is happening in the day to day world of our little people. We would have no hesitation in suggesting Little Zak’s!

Little Zak’s North Strathfield – Melissa

The educators at Little Zak’s North Strathfield go out of their ways to make me and my child feel valued. They provide my child with high quality care while creating fun and exciting environment for my child to explore. I have watched my son become independent and confident with the nurturing care Little Zak’s provides.

Little Zak’s Ingleburn – Nicole

My sister has been send her children to your centre for 6 years now. I heard such great feedback that I had to enroll my daughter. I love how friendly happy all your staff are I couldn’t be more pleased with the education and level of care my daughter gets. She’s ever so happy to attend kindy in the morning and she comes home singing new songs everyday. Your staff there are simply amazing especially Miss Sam, Miss Leo, Miss Mele, Miss Melissa and Miss Janelle.

Little Zak’s Ryde – Duma

From the moment I stepped into Little Zak’s Academy in Ryde until today (1.5 years later) I have walked each day loving once more the structure the staff instill, the discipline & engaging learning atmosphere they set, and the genuine care and love the educators have for my son & all the children. Parent’s-teacher relationships are so important to them and I have always felt welcome to ask and be involved in any arising issue with my son’s learning or toddler behaviour. All the wonderful room leads my son has had (especially Miss Tara & Miss Sophie) have always been very intuitive, keen to problem solve anything & establish the best approach for each child’s learning. I especially love the daily journals we receive and the opportunity this provides us parent to share or learn about our little one’s day. I have already booked a spot for my second unborn baby 🙂

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Isabel

We are so comfortable leaving our little boy each day knowing that he is looked after so well. He has so much fun he asks us to take him on weekends! We love Little Zak’s Jordan Springs!

Little Zak’s Meadowbank – Breahn

Our daughter has attended Little Zaks at Meadowbank for the past 8 months and we are both extremely happy with the level of service and care she has received. We have been very impressed with the learning opportunities offered at the centre and are thrilled at the progress she has made in the short time she has been there. The staff have always been so kind and caring and are always happy to give us their time to chat about any queries we may have. The constant updates we receive from the centre throughout the day are such a wonderful way for us to keep up with what our daughter has been doing & helps when chatting to her each night about what she has done that day. It is so lovely to hear her excited about the day she had and looking forward to when she goes back.

We feel very confident in trusting the staff with the care of our daughter and thank them for everything.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Pat

Great place, very clean and convenient. Great service and wonderful staff.

Little Zak’s Dundas Valley – Ava

My child started with Little Zak’s at Dundas Valley when she was 2 years old. The educators there are caring and experienced and they helped my child settle into the center quickly. My child has been with the center for 1.5 years now and she is loving her time there. She is also very excited about the various extra curriculum programs the center offers every week such as soccer, French and Yoga. Our family is pleased with the center and the staff and would recommend it to others

Little Zak’s South Wentworthville – Sarilakaranjit

Teachers are friendly & specially the centre manager Miss Dami. She is very approachable & listen to parents feedback. My little one has never enjoyed going to day care this much before. Like pretty much everything/ all the activities they are doing now.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Achara

I’m happy with centre. Educators are friendly and caring. Thanks for providing such great quality services and programs.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Mohammed

My son is very new to join here. He is doing well gradually and we are happy to find such institution like Little Zak’s for my son. We will keep sending him there for his better improvement. Thanks all the teachers, management and a big thanks to Little Zak’s.

Little Zak’s Ingleburn – Fanoula

Both my children go to Little Zak’s Academy and have loved every minute my son is now in year 1 and this is my daughter’s last year before going to kindergarten. They have both learnt so much in there time there and have transitioned to primary school much easier. I’d like to say a huge thank you

Little Zak’s Jordan Spring – Madhavi

My son has started in June this year and already loves it. The staff is very lovely and i am very satisfied with the Centre. I have loved the place from the beginning and have seen my son learn and develop, the staff are friendly with many having been there for many years. The centre is reasonable and has huge play areas, I can highly recommend it to others.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Rachel

The educators are professional and friendly and my son absolutely adores his. They have helped him go from the shy little boy hiding behind mummy to the little boy who now says hi to everyone. Happily recommend the centre.

Little Zak’s Ingleburn – Christina

I looked at 2 other local day care centres and found Little Zak’s Ingleburn the best by far. On inspection of the centre, the rooms were brighter, cleaner and the children appeared to be happier.
The teachers are helpful, always answering my questions, in particular Sam. I’m always phoning to check on my son, which is never an issue.
I am sent daily emails on my child’s activities which is wonderful to receive!
I couldn’t be happier with choosing Little Zak’s Ingleburn.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Natalie

Thank you so much to the team at Little Zak’s in Jordan Springs. My 5 year old loves the educators and playing in a safe happy environment. She always has great things to say about what she learned at school, including learning French, Yoga and reading and writing. She is so ready for school! Thank you!

Little Zak’s Artatmon – Stephanie

We have had a wonderful experience with the level 1 teachers, giving special care to our son. Our boy has a difficult time separating in the mornings and they greet him with love and care. Under Caryle’s leadership I’ve seen great improvements in staff, increased communication with parents and been pleased to see music, sport and foreign language and yoga introduced. I especially love the coffee cart for parents, it starts off my day well.

Little Zak’s Ingleburn – Stevie

Little Zak’s Ingleburn is THE best!
My son was at Little Zak’s for 2 years, before we moved homes & I transferred him into a school that was closer to home.
After the move, he did not enjoy his new school & became withdrawn and upset telling me he had no friends every day.
After six months of seeing my son so upset I called Sam & begged her to fit my kids in again (I had since had another child) & after some hard work on her side she managed to shuffle it around so they both had room to come back
Even though the travel is considerably more, my child’s happiness back at this school makes it more than worth it!
He tells me every day how much he likes school & all about his day & what friends he plays with.
He is especially fond of Miss Sam and tells me all the time that she is his favourite.
My daughter has terrible separation anxiety and her teachers are always trying to make her feel comfortable by giving her, her favourite doll & helping her to look after it.
I cannot recommend the entire staff there highly enough!

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Mira

The space is large and organised and well resourced. The staff are very warm and passionate and caring.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Lany

I am happy that they listen to my request such as ensuring that the kids do not put anything on each other’s water bottle to avoid choking. I have also requested before to ensure that they are attentive to the needs of the kids especially when there are accidents in the centre, as every Mom wants an explanation when their kids come home with blooded forehead. They listen and try to improve. Thanks.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Aaron

When we moved our son from another centre to Little Zak’s in Ultimo, we were a little unsure if we were doing the right thing by our son or not. My fears have been allayed. The facilities at Little Zak’s Ultimo are far beyond those at our previous centre. My son comes home happier. Leanne and the staff have been extremely hands on provide a lot more feedback than we used to receive on day-to-day progress. I love being able to sit down at dinner and talk with my 2 year old about his day at school, with knowledge and photos of the various things he’s done throughout the day.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Kanokwan

Excellent centre dedicated staff amazing facilities and programs

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Ainsley

Great centre my child has learnt so much from this centre he has come out of his shell a lot and the teachers and the staff are very supportive and go above and beyond for the families. Very glad I put my son into this day care.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Nicole

Since my 15 month old son started at Ultimo Little Zaks 2 months ago we have been delighted at the wide range of creative activities and fun learning experiences provided to him and the other children. The carers are exceptionally kind to the children, they have been proactive in letting the parents know about the programs offered and our child’s progress on a regular basis. We love the different educational themes that pop up each week which are very entertaining for the children. On top of the fantastic staff and fun programs, the facilities at this centre are fantastic, with a large indoor playground and a variety of different play spaces filled with diverse toys, all of which are housed in a modern secure building with parking for parents. Amazing!

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Muqi

Professional & friendly staffs. The child programs designed are awesome.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Sarah

All the staff are very caring and genuinely interested and happy to help with anything. My two girls love going to ‘school’ and playing in their big playground.

Monique Little Zak’s Jordan Springs

My son has been attending little Zak’s Jordan springs for a year now and he absolutely loves it. Never had an issue, always very happy with the level of compassion and care. Lovely staff.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Elly

My son absolutely loves coming to school! I’m very happy with the service provided by all the lovely staff members at this centre.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Kelvin

Great and Fantastic!

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Anthony

Everything I expected and more. My daughter has naturally developed and grown due to care, patience and resources of the Ultimo centre and its carers. Thank you!

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs- Amanda

The girls at Jordan springs are beyond amazing, my son loves going and has grown and learnt so much since being there. I can’t recommend them enough.

Little Zak’s Ingleburn – Joanne and Kerry

What can I say our son Tyler has attended Little Zak’s for over 2 years and we couldn’t be happier. Tyler has had a ball his had the chance to play soccer every Friday raise chicks and even getting to watch some of them hatch his also got to bring home hermit crabs for a weekend to take care of . He learns different languages with a language teacher coming in to teach. His had the opportunity to pat and touch sea life and his even had a reptile day where he got to touch and feel the animals it’s just amazing and it did not cost us a cent yup that’s right all included in our fees . But most of all the friendly stuff we just could not ask for more. All children are treated as equals with love and care from the Little Zak teachers even the cook/chef is lovely.. I have to say Tyler is off to big school next year and if it wasn’t for Little Zak’s prepping him for it I don’t know if he would of been ready mentally little Zak’s have help instill Tyler’s confident and self-esteem his now school ready .. So I highly recommend Little Zak’s to anyone that is trying to give the child the best start to school and a happy life in general

Little Zak’s Ultimo- Cat

Friendly staff. Great facilities. Happy overall.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Michelle

Little Zacks Jordan springs has been fabulous for my son. He started there at 10 months old and is now 2. The difference in growth and development is amazing. The girls invest so much time and energy into making the kids days so fun and educational and I see that in how far my once shy little boy has now come. He is so talkative and clever thanks to a fantastic centre. You can see they love what they do. Thank you.

Little Zak’s Meadowbank – Ada

Our son start attending from 1.5 years old and he will be graduated next year! He absolutely loves all educators from the centre. As a working mum the most important thing is to put your little precious into safe hands while working and Little Zak’s ticks all boxes. He plays, learns, making friends and growing to be a generous-minded pre-schooler. Thanks to all the girls/teachers in the centre. We cannot wait to put our newest family addition to your centre.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Briohny

These ladies are amazing. I’ve watched my son grow in leaps and bounds.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Denise

The staff are friendly and professional. They look like they enjoy what they do. The centre is clean and has a great aesthetic. They have fantastic resources for the children and the food always smells amazing. I often feel like popping back for lunch!

Little Zak;s Artarmon – Jen

The staff at Little Zak’s, Artarmon have done a great job helping both my son and daughter to settle in to their new classes and routines. In particular, it is lovely to see some smiling faces upon our very early arrival. The kids feel welcomed and also love the activities that have been set up ready for them to play.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Mark

Our 4yo daughter is coming along much better than expected, and I’m sure this is due to the staff and facilities at LittleZaks Artarmon. She loves the added value with Soccer, Yoga and French lessons! She has made lots of friends and loves the teachers, even though there is plenty of movement between the staff.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Abby

Good classroom/centre layouts, great resources and most importantly friendly and caring staff who are extremely approachable and treat every child as if they were their own.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Nathakan

Brilliant child care here, our kid so enjoy playing and learning here

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Susan

We started at Little Zaks Jordan Springs about 2 months ago. I was worried about leaving my daughter with her only being 6 months old but she has now been there for 2 months and loves it. The girls are amazing and the improvement that I have seen in her and her social skills is a testament to the educators in the room.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Natalie

Little Zaks Artarmon have been my daughters second home, the carers have been wonderful with her and have taken the extra time to soothe her and get to know her so I can leave without feeling guilty as I know she is happy and well looked after. The curriculum is great and the kids learn new things every week. They also do activities with the children which I can’t always do at home.

Little Zak’s Meadowbank – Sally

My twin daughter’s love going to Little Zak’s every morning all the staff in the Hubba Bubba room are great with the girls. They are very caring, comforting and helpful. It is a small but personalised day care which I feel is important and was one of the main decisions in choosing the centre, we are kept up to date with any news or events happening at the school at all times.
The girls have grown and developed in all ways since attending. You know they are being well cared for and looked after, we are very happy with the centre and would have no hesitations in recommending Little Zak’s Meadowbank.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Caroline

Our 21 month old daughter just loves going to day care every day and we can see how much fun she has and watch her development via the updates we receive throughout the day. We are very happy with the team who care for her and highly recommend the centre!

Little Zak’s Ingleburn – Shoney

I would recommend Little Zak’s Ingleburn to any parent. Staff are lovely and friendly, the centre is modern & welcoming, they take time to send out daily emails of what the children did that day which I like reading because I can see what kind of things my son does/learns at kindy. Most of all my son is happy here which makes me happy.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Don

Little Zak’s is right around the corner so really convenient. Staff have been friendly, professional and have a nice relationship with our twin girls.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Yuehong

I have twin girls, they are both 17 months. Little Zak’s academy is a fun place to go for my children. They eat well. The staff are very friendly.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Kelly
Little Zaks Jordan Springs is an amazing centre! All of the staff are fantastic and always lovely. My daughter loves the activities and craft that is done daily and has learnt so much since starting at the centre.

Little Zak’s Meadowbank – Susan

Little Zak’s at Meadowbank is such a wonderful supportive environment. We are so lucky to have a team of educators who are committed to our children and their growth and development. Whilst the facility is modern, visually inviting, clean and clutter free… It was actually the centre director miss Dani who had me sold from our first conversation. She is switched on, knows her stuff, presents well and always without fail has a beaming smile. Best part is that she sets the standard for all the other staff who are just as delightful. We looked at several child care centres around the area and without hesitation, this one ticked all the boxes for us.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Glendale

As a former child care worker myself I knew what I was looking for when it came to putting my own daughter in childcare. I wanted a service that would provide her with a wide variety of experiences in all learning areas by staff who were genuine about their commitment to Early Childhood Education. I found that at Little Zak’s Academy. My daughter has enjoyed every day from the moment she started. I love picking her up from school and listening to her tell me all about the wonderful things she accomplishes each day and about how much she loves her teachers. I couldn’t think of a better place for her to have started her path to a great education.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Napakorn

My daughter enjoys coming here very much.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Janelle

I recommend little Zak’s Ultimo to everyone with small children as the activities, education, are daughter is absolutely enjoying every moment.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Teeranuch

An incredible service offering fun filled days and outstanding educational programs and care to support my child through his journey in the early years.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Kylie

Little Zak’s Ultimo is such a great centre. My son Shane has learnt so much since being here. The staff are so lovely and always keep you up to date on your child’s progress.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Yukako

Great environment and friendly staff. I am so happy my son started his shook life in this centre.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Megan

Layla loves Little Zaks, can’t wait to go. She comes home happy and buzzing with news of everything she did.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Yen

Centre is brand new which is fantastic. Facility is very clean and new. Staff are very attentive and helpful. A diverse range of children’s background too which is awesome.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Dania

Lovely Childcare centre with so much activities, well organised classes. The teachers are friendly.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Nattha

Nice and clean centre. Staff are caring and loving.

Little Zak’s Dundas Valley – Daniella

I’ve been taking my daughter to the Little Zak’s Academy in Dundas for 7 months now and have been delighted with how great the staff are, how well maintained the centre is and how much my daughter has learnt from here. Rebecca is wonderful and is always open to your input on how you feel your child is going. My daughter’s first childcare centre and she loves it, and I couldn’t be happier with the service the staff at Little Zak’s Academy in Dundas have provided.

Little Zak’s Epping – Esther

The team at Little Zak’s Epping 2 are amazing. I truly believe that it starts from the top down. From Tracey the area manager to Rachel the centre director all of the teachers there are driven by real care and love for the children and families. Mel and Gabbie in the preschool room, Kat and Vanessa in the toddler and Shasha and Sarah in the babies, all rooms are covered with great educators. Nothing is too hard for them and they go the extra mile in all areas. I have worked in childcare and put my child in various other huge childcare companies, but I can honestly say this centre is one, any parent can trust and rely on. It definitely does tick all the boxes and i plan to send my next children here too.

Little Zak’s Epping – Ahmad

Recently moving to Sydney and after being unhappy with and changing 2 childcare’s in the 4 months prior, our daughter has been attending Little Zaks for just over a year now and absolutely loves it. She is 4 now and always eager to wake up in the morning to see her friends and teachers there. We highly rate Little Zaks for cleanliness, type of activities undertaken during the day, the standard of food prepared every day and the quality of educators there. As most parents are, we are very proactive in our daughter’s development and the educators have always given us the time and effort to update us on her progress, interests and answer any questions we have in a professional and caring manner. Highly recommended to any parent.

Aparna Little Zak’s North Strathfield – Aparna

My son is going to this centre for the past 6 months and he is loving it. The carers in the smarties room are really warm and kind and I likes his carer very much

Little Zak’s Dundas Valley – Lydia

My son has attended little Zak’s at Dundas valley for the past 2.5 years. He loves his days there, and always comes home with new information that he had learnt ranging from planets in the solar system to the names of bones in our body. He is constantly learning and growing and I love the extra programs offered like yoga and soccer. Liam enjoys his day care and loves to learn, and the school readiness program is outstanding. Thanks little Zak’s for proving such high quality care including a structured learning system. We cannot recommend little Zak’s enough.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Edwina

Jock is very excited about attending Little Zak’s. He loves soccer and is always chatting about his friends and teachers. We love the new Educa platform and he loves seeing the photos of himself and explaining what he has been up to.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Kathyrn

A fantastic education program, which supports both learning and wellbeing. Our pre-schooler thoroughly enjoys the extracurricular activities which include soccer, yoga and French. Staff are friendly and show genuine care.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Kellie

Like all new parents its difficult sending your little one off to day-care when returning to work. The team at Little Zak’s reduced my fears by offering supportive, educational and loving care to my daughter. She has thrived during her time at Little Zak’s and continues to show improvement in her fine motor skills, communication, interaction with her peers and carers and her interest in different cuisines – Even giving me ideas of different meals to make at home. It shows that her attending day-care for her two days is just as important for her growth as it is for me to return to work for some much needed adult interaction.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Zeinab

My son anticipates going to Childcare which is refreshing. The environment and facilities are amazing and the educators are warm and welcoming. I love receiving daily updates on all the amazing learning he has been a part of throughout his day. Little Zak’s academy Ultimo has by far exceeded my expectations. Keep up the amazing work.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – A Sorbello

Drop off time has been the hardest for both my son and I but the staff at Little Zaks are always ready and waiting for our arrival. In the first few months of starting at little Zaks he was already singing the alphabet song & is now learning the Australian National Anthem. Each night we sit together & look at today’s journal & talk about his day which is a real bonding time for us. So thank you Little Zaks Academy Jordan Springs Staff for all your love and effort you put into our children and our families.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Ishrat

My child is having a great time here!! So I like the way little Zak’s is taking care of my child!!!

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Sarah

Benjamin loves his 3 days at Little Zaks! All of the staff have made a special effort in getting to know him and his interests. A particular thank you to all staff in Turtle Treasures 1 and 2 where Ben spends most of his time. He days are action packed with exciting activities and he has changed so much since starting Little Zaks. Staff make a real effort at the end of each day to spend time explaining how Ben’s day has been and show genuine interest and care for him. Thank you!!

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Maria

Having home works for preschool kids is good initiative. The carers in the centre are always friendly. Also the extra activities are good extension for their developments.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Kelvin

Teachers are great with Oliver, he enjoys school

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Connie

My son is happy to be here, the teachers are caring and loving! I wouldn’t send him anywhere else.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Katie

All of the educators are very caring and respond to all of our child’s needs. I feel peace of mind in leaving our child to go to work knowing he’s well looked after and having an enjoyable, interesting day.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Noelia

My children were 3 and 2 years old. They are very happy going to little Zak’s because ladies love them and are making activities all day long and kids are busy and have funny. Building is awesome. Food very healthy and yummy. you pay the fee and nothing more, no nappies, no incursion… Nothing more. I feel lucky to have found this nursery and my children to grow in it.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Melanie

I have been so happy with Little Zak’s in Artarmon, my daughter has been there for over 2 years now and she loves going! The staff are excellent, the facilities fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Little Zak’s to others!

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Lili

My child is so happy at Ultimo. Nice centre and lovely staff.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Sarah

I was first drawn to Little Zaks Artarmon by the structures they had in place – I felt 100% comfortable from day one that my son would be in good hands. Since being at the centre, I love how much the carers really care about my son and are so active in his development – it’s so wonderful to see the variety of activities he gets up to every day. The staff take photos and write about my son’s activities each day – it definitely makes being apart from my son while at work more bearable.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Laura

It’s great to know your kids are having fun, learning and developing and in safe hands. Both children adore there educators and it’s great to pick them up happy and we then talk about their day. The extra activities such as yoga and French are thoroughly enjoyed and I’m still surprised when my 4 year old eats something like a carrot stick (he does this at nursery, he says shrugging it off). The staff are friendly and competent and always available to talk or listen and actively involve parents and children through special calendar even

Little Zak’s Ryde – Neyhaa

Both our Kids go to this lovely centre and we have since 2014 seen how consistent all the educators are in cleanliness, daily diary updates, nutrition and most importantly getting to know our kids and their development. What I love the most is every educator seems to know both my children, they are not even in their room but they make a point to know them and we are so pleased we found the right place for our babies. We were recommended by someone too!! The last 3months have been the best of all.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Kristy

We love our centre and the wonderful staff. Both kids have settled in really well because of the caring teachers they both have. The feedback we receive is great and I feel like they really know my children.

Little Zak’s South Wentworthville – Divya

I am very impressed with this centre. All the educators are very kind & friendly towards the kids and I have till date never seen more than 1 0r 2 kids crying. This shows how much effort educators & staff are putting towards the kids. Also, I have noticed huge improvement in my baby girl’s social skills after joining this centre. I would highly recommend this daycare.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Maral

Little Zak’s Artarmon is a wonderful child care centre. Our son’s teachers offer him so much care and attention, and assist in his daily development. They make sure that he is learning, as well as having a really great day.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Rachelle

We have been very happy with the care our son is receiving at Little Zak’s Artarmon level 1. The staff have proven to be fantastic, fun and caring. This is probably best evidenced by how our 2.5yo son mentions them with a smile on his face the rest of the week when he’s not there. We also appreciate the music, movement, play and craft opportunities he’s given, and how his development is being monitored. The daily journals, and now the Educa app, are brilliant for seeing what he’s been doing during the day. It’s such a weight off to be able to go to work and know he’s in good hands.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Alison

My daughter has been going to Little Zak’s in Artarmon since she was 8 months old, and she has always received the best of care. The staff are lovely and supportive. My daughter is naturally quite reserved and shy, however, being around kids her own age in a supportive and caring environment has really brought her out of her shell. She has made strong friendships and is able to learn at her own pace. I can’t recommend the staff enough.

Little Zak’s Epping – Celine

My son loves going to Epping 2 every day. The staffs are very nice, friendly and caring. He always comes home with stories, songs, even recently started to count from 1-100 which I have been trying to teach him for months but not succeeded. I was really impressed. I have another little one on the way and will definitely send him to Epping 2 and will be more than happy to recommend Epping 2 to friends. Keep going with fantastic work, guys 🙂

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Sandy

Great staff, excellent environment and program for children. However, the centre need a bit more cleaning while dealing with toddlers.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Emilia

Our two daughter attend Little Zaks Artarmon and we have so much respect for the staff. I know that my girls always have the best care and are learning new things every day. Thank you to Little Zak’s for giving our family peace of mind every time we drop off our girls.

Little Zak’s Meadowbank – Jayne

My son has been there for 1 1/2 years and his growth and development in that time has been amazing. He loves being at school and tells me that he has lots of fun and it is easy to see in all the pictures and journals that are provided every day. It is wonderful to see what he has done every day and further extend on that experience at home by discussing his day and looking at photos or by discussing some of the topics he is learning about at. The teachers are all wonderful and happy to assist in any way they can whether it is discussing a favourite subject of my sons or helping to develop his self-awareness etc. I am so glad we were able to find a place that my son loves so much that I am looking forward to sending my daughter in the New Year.

Little Zak’s Meadowbank – Aaron

My daughter Serena improved a lot since she went there. The educators are very responsible and nice. Even though Serena can be upset sometimes due to various reasons, I can see the educators put effort to keep that to a minimum. Most of the time she is happy! We plan to send our second daughter there as well.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Laura

I am so pleased with the level of attention my daughter receives from the team and educators at Jordan Springs. They offer a friendly environment and qualified educators. From the activities and learning she participates in on a daily basis to the care and quality service they offer. The centre regularly host themed events in line with seasonal periods which is great for families to enjoy.

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Thomas

My wife and I have been very happy with the level of care provided by Little Zaks Artarmon and this is reflected by the fact that our daughter, Madeleine, is almost always excited to arrive at day-care. She is always very happy to come and play/learn. We have also been amazed at the development Madeleine has shown and the things she learns from your educators.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Bo

Very good management, friendly and professional staff. Good facility and daily activities. We enjoy read daily journal every day. Love little Zacks Ultimo!

Little Zak’s Ryde – Emma

My son has been at the Ryde centre from the age of 5.5months. Throughout the year and half he has attended he has learnt a lot and always enjoys his days spent at the centre. The facilities are wonderful, and the staff are amazing. I never have any hesitation dropping him off each morning as I know he will be looked after and cared for well.

Little Zak’s Dundas Valley – Daniella

We love the Dundas Valley centre. All the educators are extremely caring, well-mannered and really do have each child’s wellbeing as the centre of their focus. We could not be happier.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Narelle

I am very impressed with the new centre at Ultimo. The layout and equipment the centre offers to the children is very modern and colourful. I have found the staff very friendly and caring, and the authorised supervisor goes out of her way to answer any questions you may have and is always happy and helpful. I would definitely recommend this centre to other parents.

Little Zak’s Ryde – Karen

We have been at Ryde since it first opened in 2013. We are very happy with the centre and the level of care and education my 2 children receive there. The teachers are great and the kids have developed wonderful relationships with many of them.

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Jess

I couldn’t be more pleased with this Centre. The Centre is brand new and absolutely amazing for child development. The centres biggest asset is by far the staff there. Always so friendly and helpful but most importantly amazing with the kids. My son is so happy there and I highly recommend this Centre

Little Zak’s Ingleburn – Loretta

I love this centre, the staff always go beyond their duty of care to ensure the wellbeing of the children. I am always updated on everything. These girls are amazing, words cannot express their quality of service, love and care.

Little Zak’s Epping – Sun

Aiden have grown up and became very independent after going to epping2 centre for a year now. Aiden have learnt how to communicate with the others, he have learnt not only academic things but also manners as well. Teachers are great! Always take care of Aiden with love and warm heart. Xxx

Little Zak’s Dundas Valley – Bethany

My daughter has loved her time at Little Zak’s. Her teachers are very caring, observant of her needs, flexible and considerate, and my daughter is very attached to them. The centre has a lovely environment and they do different activities to engage the kids every day.

Little Zak’s Jordan Springs – Katrina

My 2 children love the staff and the centre, we couldn’t be happier. Although we love all of the staff there I have to say standouts for us are Tamara, Emma, Sherlyn, Jade, Keely and Monique. Our kids love them and they deserve so much credit for the care and pride they show in their work!

Little Zak’s Ultimo – Lechan

Wonderful Childcare with very friendly staff. My son so enjoy playing and learning in this Childcare.

Little Zak’s Epping – Lisa

The staff are so caring to my son. He comes home every day with stories of what they have learnt. It’s a wonderful, supportive and fun environment.

Little Zak’s Epping – Amy

We LOVE Little Zak’s (Epping 2 Somerset street). Our daughter has been going there since it opened. She started in the 0-1 room and is now happy in the 2-3 room. The education she gets is great, you can tell that the carers really care about all the children. The team are really friendly, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and kind. We also like how the approach is to work collaboratively on goals for our daughter. I cannot recommend this centre enough!

Little Zak’s Artarmon – Judy

Artarmon centre is quite new and all the facilities are good and clean. My son start when he was almost 3 year old. The play area is big enough for all the kids play with. The level manager and the room leader of my sons are quite professional. When we did the yearly review with them, they can really tell my son’s development in details. My son like this centre, and I will recommend it to my friends.

Little Zak’s Epping – Jennifer

My son Ryan really enjoys playing with his educators and mates. It didn’t take long for him to get settled in. Feedback’s I receive from the educators help me better understand my son. Thanks for all the good work!