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Language learning is an enriching experience for all ages, and children have the most to gain from this wonderful adventure.

Children understand intuitively that language is something to explore and enjoy. The quickness with which they pick up their first language is nearly miraculous and such a joy to watch as a parent. Following are some of the most notable benefits of introducing a second language to your young child:

Higher test scores:  Numerous reports have proven that students who have studied a foreign language perform much better than their monolingual peers on many standardised tests.

Better and more advanced reading skills: Studies have also shown that bilingual children’s knowledge of a second language gives them an advantage in learning to read.

Gives brains a boost: Exposure to more than one language is an excellent way of developing the brain.

Cultural Enrichment: Learning new languages creates a deeper understanding of, and appreciation, for humanity and culture, which enriches one’s life and personal experiences in the world.

Greater confidence: Children are always discovering new things, but learning a new language is a uniquely rewarding experience at any age.

Natural-sounding, native-like accent: Children under eight years old have a particularly good ability to hear and reproduce new sounds.

Greater grasp of one’s first language: Children use what they learn in one language to reinforce concepts and terms they’ve learned in the other.