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Zak’s Prep School Program

At Little Zak’s we provide secure, caring relationships that enable young children to learn at their best.  Our centres are fully accredited and designed for enhanced learning and safety.  Our children feel emotionally secure so they are able to learn through our curriculum that is carefully based on the early years framework assessed by the National Quality Standard.

Our play-based learning ensures each child develops, understands and takes responsibility at their own pace, capability and individuality.  Our quality and continuous improvement policy builds success for life with informal and structured activities.  We support cognitive, academic and social development.

We design experiences that also take into account the interests, needs and abilities of each child.  We give children choices and flexibility that change according to the child’s interests.

These are the outcomes for our framework that convey the highest expectations for all children through nationally approved programs: Belonging, Being and Becoming and My Time, Our Place.

    • children have a strong sense of identity
    • children are connected with and contribute to their world
    • children have a strong sense of wellbeing
    • children are confident and involved learners
    • children are effective communicators

We maintain a positive environment for our children to grow, using observations in the key areas of development, which include fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, language, social development, and emotional development, as a basis for our intentional teaching and individual learning.

Here at Little Zak’s, we are committed to providing an educational program which allows for children to grow with the support and help from our qualified Early Childhood Educators.  We use favourable teacher : child ratios and open communication with parents.

By providing a stimulated learning environment, our programs enable children to learn through child interest based experiences and capabilities, which are found through frequent observations, family involvement, and intentional teaching.  We provide an intense school readiness program, along with age appropriate learning for each age group.  For this we incorporate modern technology such as ipads and computers as stepping stones for primary school.

We have comprised our routine into different areas of the day, including group times based on language, school readiness, music and movement, along with intentional teaching, which incorporates projects the children are currently interested in.  We model our centres after houses and backyards that are family friendly and have small pockets for experiences, learning and activities.  This creates a sense of enclosure and familiarity that is favourable for early learning and development.

Projects become a main source of learning through the use of parent interaction, community input, and child involvement.  We select topics of interest through our observations of children, or through parent discussion, and use this as a basis to discover the topics.  We then use parent and community involvement to assist with learning.  This may include community members or families coming to visit and interacting with the children and teaching them about the interest they have at the time.

As children learn differently at each stage of development, we ensure all our children feel welcomed and confident in their rooms.

In our infants’ room, we create a warm and supportive environment to help our children gain confidence, and create attachments with our early childhood educators.  In turn, this will create a basis for our infants to confidently reach their milestones with assistance and guidance, along with daily routines, which help children settle into an early child care environment.  We incorporate daily living experiences, to help children gain independence, including hand washing, small group times and self feeding.  This maintains a positive learning environment and helps build the foundation for future learning experiences.

As our infants grow and move on to toddlerhood, we then are able to help set the scene for a positive educational background. Throughout our toddler age groups, children are given the opportunity to grow independently through assisted toilet training, larger group times, and free play both indoors and outdoors.  Our parent involvement and community aspects become an important feature in our toddler’s learning, as it helps us create longer lasting relationship through families and educators.

As our children are then able to proceed through to our preschool program, our children begin to be involved in our intense school readiness program. This program includes all developmental areas, including writing, numeracy, literacy and pre-reading skills.  We involve our children in Ant’s in the Apple, a phonics program giving our children the best start to pre-reading as required for Kindergarten, as well as many other school readiness initiatives brought out by Little Zak’s Academy.


Kindergarten is a major transition for children, so here at Little Zak’s, we provide an intensive school readiness program, implementing the use of all Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools.  By using the Key Learning Areas, along with the Early Years Learning Framework, we are able to provide an enriching environment for our children to develop at their own pace.  We help our children gain the confidence and social skills to cope at Kindergarten with ease.

When children begin school, it can be quite daunting.  We encourage participation in group experiences throughout their time in the pre-school room.  They gain confidence and learn how to form positive friendships and relationships with those around them.

At Little Zak’s we provide the correct documentation and operational requirements for our education program.

Little Zak's Preschool Program