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Soccer contributes to children’s fitness, teamwork and skills development. It is the most widely played sport in the world. At Little Zak’s we develop informal and structured activities to enhance the social and organisational environment for each child. Our focus on health and safety is evident in our programming. As part of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement we are providing children at all our centres with complementary soccer.

We have carefully designed a soccer program called Zakaroos that enables children to gain fitness regardless of their athletic ability.  Children get a great workout and it is lots of fun.  Here are some of the advantages of learning soccer for 2-5 year olds:

Health and Safety Soccer is a non-contact sport that increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, whilst reducing anxiety.  It lowers body fat and improves muscle tone.  It builds strength, flexibility and endurance.  It improves health due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting.  It also increases muscle and bone strength.

The program we have designed is to provide a skill set for young children that is designed specifically for their age group that is safe, sound and certified so that children have fun while they are learning.  There is a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes and children becoming overweight.

Learning and Development Little Zak’s soccer teaches coordination and a variety of skills in a way that is recreational and relatively easy to adopt.  At Little Zak’s we strive to take into account the interests, needs and abilities of each child.  That way children feel comfortable joining in whilst they are learning how to think on the run and increase stamina, speed and agility.

Zakaroos helps children’s concentration, persistence and self-discipline. It also promotes teamwork, taking turns and sharing.  There is evidence to suggest that physical activity may increase numeracy and literacy.

Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence Zakaroos provides the opportunity to increase your child’s self-image and reduce shyness.  Learning and being able to play soccer empowers children and makes them feel good about themselves.  It is an important part of their physical and social development.  They are less likely to feel isolated.  It is a team sport they can play with their friends.

Children may gain life-long benefits by practicing soccer at an early age.  Children may find it very enjoyable and exciting when they can show you their tricks.  It improves their positive outlook.

Skills and Coordination Dribbling, kicking and shooting the ball develops agility and coordination.  Learning how to score may give them a sense of achievement.  Soccer requires children to sprint and jog which are activities that build endurance.  It teaches children to cooperate with other children and communicate.  It also helps children deal with winning and losing.  They learn to value themselves and others, and become more resilient.

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