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Fun & Fitness with Zakaroos

Little Zak’s Academy has carefully designed a soccer program called Zakaroos that enables children to gain fitness, regardless of their athletic ability.

Soccer contributes to children’s fitness, teamwork and skills development. It is the most widely played sport in the world. Children get a great workout and it’s lots of fun. Here are some of the advantages of learning soccer for 2-5 year olds:

Health & Safety  Soccer is a non-contact sport that increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, while reducing anxiety.

Learning & Development – Soccer teaches coordination and a variety of skills in a way that is recreational and relatively easy to adopt. Zakaroos helps children’s concentration, persistence and self-discipline.

Boosting Self-Esteem & Confidence  Zakaroos helps to increase your child’s self-image and reduce shyness. Learning new skills empowers children and makes them feel good about themselves.

Skills & Coordination – Dribbling, kicking and shooting the ball develops agility and coordination. Learning how to score gives them a sense of achievement.

Cooperation & Teamwork – Soccer teaches children to cooperate with other children and communicate. It also helps children deal with winning and losing.