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Service Statement of Philosophy


Service Statement of Philosophy


At Little Zak’s Academy we believe children learn best in safe, secure, nurturing environments that promote a sense of belonging and agency. Our pedagogy approach to children’s learning provides children with a curriculum that is relevant to developing children’s learning disposition.  Our multimodal play enhances children’s communication skills while in play. Educators holistically develop routines, rituals and everyday events that support children’s engagement in learning.  Our commitment to sustainable living practices encourages children to take an active role in the care of the environment. By participating in and understanding the intertwining dimensions of Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability our children will develop passion for a better future for our world.

In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and The Child Safe Standards, we believe that every child has the right to play and develop in a safe, secure environment away from harm. We believe that each child should be supported in developing relationships that are meaningful, equitable and socially responsible. Each child’s wellbeing is supported to develop resilience, self-regulation, and positive self-worth. We believe building positive, reciprocal relationships with the children underpins the implementation of our curriculum and decision making with the children.

Our collaborative partnerships with our families and the wider community allows for positive, open communication where families feel welcomed to be active participants in their child’s learning. We work with families to effectively and respectfully, build relationships where inclusion is embraced, into the children’s learning and participation. Through cultural responsiveness we celebrate the diversity of all families and the wider community. Through Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) we are committed to embedding an understanding and respect for the traditional custodians of the land – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people.

Our governance and leadership structures demonstrate our commitment toward ensuring our Educators are supported with the requisite and effective systems in order to better facilitate children’s learning and development. Management and Educators at Little Zak’s Academy respect and value each other’s personal strengths and professional experiences and work collaboratively with one another. Continuous professional development enhances the knowledge and implementation of the professional standards that include the Code of Ethics, National Quality Framework, National Regulations, National Law, The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and Little Zak’s Academy’s policies and procedures.


NQF Element 7.1.1