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Childcare Centre in The Oaks
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About Us

After many requests from the community, Little Zak’s Academy has opened its doors for kids in The Oaks to provide childcare services. We employ the best tutors and educators with years of experience to ensure that your kids get the best early learning education.

Our childcare program focuses on developing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of a child by using the best techniques and tools. We create a community-friendly environment for kids to help them socialise with other kids to become more expressive. We understand that every child is born with unique abilities and skills. Our tutors customise their strategies accordingly to build a comfort level with every child.

Childcare Specialists in The Oaks

Our childcare centre in The Oaks is spacious for your kids to have fun and is equipped with tools to support learning. We have a safe and healthy environment so that parents can enjoy peace of mind when their kids are at Little Zak’s Academy.

We have two decades of industry experience and have been widely acknowledged across the Sydney area for our childcare services.

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Courtney Stephenson - Centre Director

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Contact Information

Director: Courtney Stephenson
Phone: 1300 33 9257
Address: 873 MONTPELIER DR, THE OAKS, NSW 2570
Opening Hours: 7am - 6pm

Extra Curricular Activities



  • Family & Community Pantry
  • The Oaks Public School transition program
  • Street Library
  • Sustainable practices: worm farm, chickens and composting with the children.
  • Partnership with Shining Stars Foundation
  • Bachelor Qualified Teachers
  • Hygiene Education, Daily Sanitisation and Regular Professional Cleaning


  • Quiet town
  • Online updates on Kinderm8
  • Regular centre events that involve families
  • Enrolment Pack (Hat, bag & Drink bottle)
  • Plenty of On-Site Parking
  • Nappies, Wipes, Sunscreen
  • Open Door Policy for Families
  • 24 hour security


  • Munch and Move menu prepared by a Qualified Chef
  • Reading Eggs & Little Zak’s Academy School Prep Book
  • Mini Outdoor Soccer Field
  • All Meals Provided including Snacks
  • Free Birthday Cake and Party
  • Large outdoor area

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