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Little Zak's Prep School

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Little Zak's Prep School

Little Zak's Prep School program has been developed to serve as a foundation between early childhood education and the first formal year of school, kindergarten. By using an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education, we can provide our children aged four to six with the skills and exposure they need to excel in their new school.


Literacy & Numeracy

Experiences are both integrated into the units and taught as skill-based learning activities.

Phonics Awareness

Ensures that our children recognise letters and are familiar with their sounds.

Engaged Senses

We promote learning by engaging all their senses complemented by the use of modern technology.

Developmental Social Skills

Promotes talking and listening skills by exposing children to a stimulating learning environment.

Activities Include

Math Drills

Writing Exercises

Team Activities

Educational Apps


Reading the Clock

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