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Zak’s Enviro

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Zak’s Enviro

At Little Zak’s Academy, we actively have an ongoing ‘whole of centre approach’ to celebrating environmental sustainability. We place a high value and importance on giving children rich, diverse and warm experiences that promote environmental sustainability. Our efforts are made to ensure that children become aware and responsible for the future of our world.



Care for the Environment

Growing plants helps children understand how important it is to care for the Earth.


Deeper Awareness

Early exposure to sustainability efforts helps children grasp their role as carers of the environment.


Sense of Responsibility

Learning how to properly care for plants is a great way to teach children about being responsible.


Increased Empathy

Seeing the work that goes into planting makes children more appreciative of farmers’ work.

Activities Include

Growing Vegetables

Watering Plants

Harvesting Fruits and Vegetable

Composting Bins


Rubbish Segregation

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