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Extra Curricular Activities

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We are committed to giving every child the best start in life.

Little Zak’s Academy is a group of early learning centres across Sydney dedicated to providing children with avenues to reach their full potential. By focussing on a play-based learning approach, we can foster an environment wherein children are encouraged to develop academically, physically and socially through spontaneous and intentional learning!

Our watchful educators are always on the lookout for opportunities to instil valuable learning concepts covering maths, language and science as your child discovers and explores on their own. Enhanced by an engaging and nurturing environment, we can foster in children a love of discovery, build on their natural curiosity and inspire a life-long passion for learning at our daycare centres in Sydney!

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Our Childcare Centres in Sydney & NSW

Extra-curricular activites

Little Zak’s Academy ensures your child’s holistic development with our complimentary extra-curricular activities which focus on your children’s emotional, physical and social development.

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Education Program

At our early learning centres, we implemented a play-based education program that creates a safe and secure environment for children to learn through child interest-based experiences and capabilities, to enhance a child’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and aesthetic development.

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School Readiness

With our intensive School Readiness Program, we can prepare your child for the new challenges of Kindergarten through the use of all Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools.

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Make us your partner during this exciting chapter in your child’s life. Talk to us to learn more about our childcare services and innovative play-based education or pay us a visit at any of our daycare centres in Sydney and experience it for yourself!

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