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4 Benefits of Sustainable Environmental Activities for Children

Little Zak’s Academy knows that the best opportunity for children to learn about the environment is by interacting with it rather than being indoors, away from the natural world. Due to this, we offer a wide variety of sustainable environmental activities that enable holistic development for every child including growing vegetables, watering plants, harvesting fruits and vegetables, composting bins, recycling and rubbish segregation.

Take a look at how children enjoyed different Zak’s Enviro activities that always make them look forward to the next lesson.

Throughout all of our childcare centres, our primary focus is to promote and celebrate ecological sustainability and stewardship by providing children fun, productive lessons.

Allowing children to participate in environmentally relevant experiences help them understand how to take care of the Earth. It is also a great way to instill character traits like kindness and love for our planet.

At Little Zak’s, before we make children do any hands-on activities, we first discuss the things that they must know about the environment and its importance. Growing vegetables is one of the top favourite outdoor activities of children. By teaching them about where fresh food comes from and how to plant the nutritious food that we eat, young children can practice locomotor skills, body management skills and object control skills while gardening.

2. Develops Sense of Caring Awareness

Children will be familiarised with the environment through play-based learning. This helps children make sense of their role as stewards of the environment.

An example of a lesson that teaches children how to care for living things and how they grow is watering plants. We let them know that plants need water to survive and grow. Caring builds compassion, respect, and responsibility in children. Your child will also learn to observe, ask questions, think problems, and find solutions which are all essential to the beginning of scientific reasoning.

3. Increases Respect and Appreciation

Through environment discovery, children will learn gratitude and paying respect to the earth and farmers’ noble works. Furthermore, it can also inspire the next generation of environmental carers.

We teach kids how to harvest fruits and vegetables at Little Zak’s. In this fun lesson, children engage their curiosity, learn to be resourceful and gain self-confidence from achieving their goals and enjoying the food they have grown.

4. Begins Responsible Conservation Efforts

Children’s playful involvement with environmental activities is an effective method of teaching them the responsibility of conserving and protecting our planet.

Composting bins, recycling and rubbish segregation are three great examples of educating children their role as young protectors of the Earth. As a result, children love doing these ecological activities more after finding out that they are doing something good to minimise waste and save our planet.

With all these benefits, children will not only develop in all aspects but will also acquire new sustainable hobbies, enjoy lasting connection to the environment and learn more about how to have a more positive impact on the world.

We have so much fun environmental activities scheduled this year and we are very excited to experience it all with your children!

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