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4 Cool Science Activities Perfect for Preschoolers

Kids are naturally curious and inquisitive about everything around them! At our different daycare centres in Sydney, we constantly provide our kids with fun and engaging science experiements to spark their inner inventor!

Here are our top 4 cool science activities for your little ones.

photo credits: www.giftofcuriosity.com

1. Rotten to the Core

This one is from our child care educators at Brookvale. Simply core and cut an apple into 4 pieces. Place each piece in a jar and fill one with water, one with oil, one with vinegar and one as is.

Observe the changes to the apple AND the liquid after 3 days, 5 days and 2 weeks. Your kids will surely be amazed at how different the apple pieces look like.

photo credits: www.schoolingamonkey.com

2. Walking Water

This one is a classic! All you need are 6 jars, food colouring and paper towels.

Fill your jars with water and arrange them in a circle. Add blue colouring to one jar, red to another and yellow to a third (making sure to keep empty jar in between each).

Cut paper towels into 6 equal pieces and put one end in one jar and the other in the one beside it until all jars have two separate ends in them. Wait for the water to transfer from one jar to the next (around 48 hours). After this, the colours will soon start mixing together!

Enhance this activity by teaching your kids about the colours of the rainbow and letting them guess which colours will be produced by which jars.

photo credits: http://busytoddler.com

3. What’s Magnetic?

Here’s one every child loves – a magnetic box! Just fill in a big plastic box with various objects from the house (keys, toy cars, nuts and bolts, crayons, etc). Remember to mix a good amount of magnetic and non-magnetic objects in there. Then give your child a strong magnet (a magnetic wand is even better!) and let them enjoy finding the magnetic objects.

photo credits: www.giftofcuriosity.com

4. Up and up

This one comes highly recommended by our educators at our child care centre in Rosebery.

Just take a bottle and fill it up halfway with vinegar. Grab a piece of tissue and put some baking soda in it. Ask your kids what they think will happen when vinegar mixes with baking soda. Quickly add the baking soda into the bottle and stretch the balloon over the bottle’s opening. Watch your kids’ amazed reactions as the balloon slowly inflates seemingly by itself!

You can experiment with the different ratios between vinegar and baking soda to see which combination gives the best results.

It’s important to engage children’s natural curiosity from an early age to develop in them a love for science and discovery. At Little Zak’s, we believe that experience is the best teacher so we utilise an interest-based learning program to help kids reach their full potential!