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8 Tips for Parents from Early Learning Centre Educators

Raising a child is both a challenging and rewarding feat. There are days that are filled with nothing but sunshine and giggles and others that make you want to surrender your child to Gumtree! Trust us, we’ve been there as well.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, check out these tried and tested tips from our child care educators!

1. Routine

It’s important to establish a routine early on so that your child can come to expect what he or she should do next. Set a designated flow that’s to be followed every day. This helps them remember what’s to come and helps make them calmer about their day.

2. Prioritise play
While routine is important in child development, at the centre of it all lies play. Kids are more receptive to learning and discovery when they’re allowed to roam and explore on their own. Our Brookvale and other NSW child care facilities make it a point to make play-based learning the focal point of every child’s stay.

3. Use transitions
When allotting time for an activity, utilise transition times to avoid tantrums. For instance, if outside playtime ends at 11:30 am, we make sure to give our children a head’s up at 11:15 am to let them know that outside playtime is about to end which gives them ample amount of time to adjust and finish up whatever they’re doing.

4. Tone matters
More than just your words, how you say something matters. Our child care educators vary their speaking tone and volume to help get our children’s attention. We often alternate between using whispering or different voices to keep them focused.

5. Praise, praise, praise
Kids love knowing they’ve done something right and that you’re noticing this! If your child has done something good, praise them for it so they’ll be more likely to repeat the same behaviour.

6. Avoid over-rewarding
While praise is important, avoid over-rewarding as this may detract your kids from the actual task. This may cause kids to work towards receiving a reward and not actually learning the task. Opt to reward bigger accomplishments such as potty training and resorting to praise for smaller ones.

7. Keep it light
If your child refuses to do a task, such as putting away his/her toys, make it a game instead! Keeping activities light and fun encourages children to participate more.

8. Ask for help
It takes a village to raise a child! Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. At Little Zak’s, we make it a priority to keep a close bond not only with the kids but with the parents as well! Together, we can work towards giving the best experience for our kids.

Bonus Tip: Enjoy this time!
Your children won’t be young for long. Savour every step and milestone of this journey with them!

Having kids is not always easy but it will always be worth it. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, try one of these tips!