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How to Encourage Your Kids to Be More Resourceful

As parents, we want nothing more than to raise our kids to be the best versions of themselves as possible. Instead of shielding our children from failures, we should teach them how to become more resourceful and resilient!

Here are our 5 tips on raising more resourceful children!

1. Coach, don’t control

Parents typically fall into the trap of doing things for their child if they feel their child needs help. This does nothing to help the child and only teaches them that their parents will always be there to pick up where they fail. Instead of controlling the situation, try to coach them through it! Offer useful suggestions and encouragement but allow your child to do the task at hand by him/herself.

2. Model resourcefulness

Children learn by example. If they see you coming up with a quick solution, they’ll pick up this way of thinking and apply it to themselves in the future. Instead of running to the grocery right before dinner, brainstorm with your child and figure out a possible dish with the ingredients you have in your pantry!

3. Support them through their struggle

Yes, the temptation to “rescue” your child through a frustrating experience may be strong but it won’t be helpful. At our child care centre in Brookvale, for instance, we allow our children to feel frustrated and teach them that this is a normal feeling. Instead of soothing them and offering the solution, we sympathise with their struggles but at the same time allow them to come up with a solution on their own.

4. Value effort, not perfection

An important thing to teach your child is their efforts matter more than their results! Teach them to embrace their mistakes and to take each failure as a lesson learned. 

If your child spills milk, for example, bring out the mop or sponge and teach them that mistakes happen and that they should take accountability for it by cleaning it up themselves.

5. Encourage and teach self-encouragement

The most important thing you can do to raise a resourceful child is to encourage him/her. Stop underestimating your child and trust that s/he can figure out a solution by him/herself.

At our child care centres, we don’t just stop at encouraging our kids – we teach them how they can encourage themselves. Little mantras such as “practice makes perfect!” and “I think I can, I think I can!” can teach kids to keep going even when they feel frustrated or defeated!

At the end of the day, our jobs as parents is to equip our kids with the skills they need to survive on their own. Take these 5 helpful tips and raise independent, resourceful children of your own!