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How Incursions and Excursions Make Education More Meaningful

We’ve got a number of incursions and excursions lined up for our early learning centres in Sydney and beyond!

This month, we’ve received a special delivery of eggs for our chicken hatching activity! Our children have all been diligently taking care of our eggs to ensure it gets the necessary TLC it needs to grow healthy and strong.

After weeks of attentive care, the children were so happy to see the eggs finally hatch into cute and cuddly little chicks!

Here they are giving their chicks some extra love and care.

Throughout all of our Little Zak’s Academy child care centres, we aim to provide a rich and meaningful learning experience to our children by providing them with a strong self of being, belonging and becoming. To do so, we regularly conduct special incursions and excursions to take learning beyond the classroom.

Helps children see learning in the outside world

Incursions and excursions give children an opportunity to learn in through new experiences. This allows them to understand that learning can happen anytime and anywhere: not just in the classroom!

Develops social and communication skills

Meeting and engaging with new people helps children develop their social skills! Through incursions and excursions, they get to meet new people as well as be exposed to new scenarios. This, in turn, helps them learn how to express themselves by describing what they like and don’t about each activity, any questions they may have and so on. It’s also a great way for the to interact with people from different ages.

Enhances problem solving and life survival skills

Incursions and excursions expose children to all sorts of new scenarios and experiences. These experiences get their young minds working and learning about different problem and solutions! They get to learn how to think on their feet and come up with new and inventive solutions to various new experiences.

Creates an appreciation for different cultures and traditions

Through incursions and excursions, such as our recent Happy Time Kids and multicultural celebrations, we get to introduce our children to new cultures, histories and rich tradition. We incorporate new dances and songs, foods and clothing in our activities to make it fun and age-appropriate!

With this, we aim to help children see and appreciate cultures different from their own. This helps create a deeper sense of community with the people around them as well as creates a larger network of care!

We’ve got a whole lot more activities planned for this year including:

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Afternoon Tea

Mad Scientist Incursion

Nutrition Magic Incursion

We look forward to experiencing lots of new incursions and excursions with your children in the year to come!

It’s still not too late to join our Little Zak’s family! Enquire now to secure your child’s spot.