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How We Create the Best Foundation for Preschool

How We Create the Best Foundation for Preschool

A child’s first five years are the most crucial ones for their development. At this stage, their minds are like little sponges that absorb all the critical information and skills they’ll be needing throughout their life. On top of this, their bodies go through a huge physical and mental growth period, which is why choosing a great child care centre is so important.

At Little Zak’s Academy, we offer a comprehensive school readiness program that helps children better adjust to the shift from a child care centre to preschool.

Here’s how we create the best foundation for preschool.

1.Basic literacy and numeracy skills

Perhaps the biggest advantage children who’ve undergone our school readiness program is their advanced math and reading skills. We teach our children how to read and do simple addition and subtraction problems which greatly help them be ahead of their peers in preschool.

2.Advanced social skills

Our school readiness program, or Little Zak’s Prep School, is structured in such a way that incorporates both individual learning and group learning. This is essential for when they have to interact and work in groups once they reach preschool. Our children have been shown to work better with their classmates and understand important social concepts such as sharing, teamwork and how to communicate with others.

3.Independent movers

Preschool often requires children to know how to do certain tasks on their own such as brushing their teeth and going to the bathroom. At Little Zak’s, we make it a point to teach our children valuable life skills such as these and more at age-appropriate intervals.

4.Engaged senses
Children learn best when they get to use all of their senses. At Little Zak’s, we do just that by promoting learning through the engagement of all their senses complemented by the use of modern technology.

5.Structured learning setting
One of the main reasons children have a difficult time adapting to preschool is the shift between play-based learning and a more structured form of learning. Our Prep School bridges this gap by slowly introducing a more structured learning experience to our children. This makes for well-adapted and better adjusted preschool children in the future!

Your child’s child care centre and prep school is one of the biggest investment you will make for their future. Make sure you’re making the right choice by joining our Little Zak’s family!

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