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Raise Happier Kids with the Help of Educators

Parents and child care educators play a massive role in a child’s overall development. With a great portion of a child’s waking hours spent in a child care centre, the effects the environment and its educators has on children are equal to their parents’!

Child care educators do more than just watch over the children – they guide them and help equip them with the skills they need for life. More than just an educator, they’ve become a huge part of the family for the children!

Stronger Bonds

Children, especially infants, need to establish strong attachments in order to feel safe and nurtured. Our child care educators in Brookvale and throughout NSW make it a point to be in tune with all our babies and children to ensure that all their needs are being met. By creating a secure environment for children from an early age, our educators are able to build strong bonds which create more secure and adjusted adults later on!

Better Social Skills

At a child care centre, children are given the opportunity to interact and play with kids their own age! With the right guidance from their educator, the correct social skills, such as sharing or saying please and thank you, can be taught and practiced from an early age.

In fact, studies prove that children who’ve spent time at an early child care centre have shown to be better leaders and are more active in school activities when they grow older!

Higher Literacy and Numeracy Scores

At Little Zak’s, we aim to provide our children with a holistic yet fun learning experience. Our child care centres has designated reading, language and music time for optimum brain development! Our educators read a wide range of fun books and engage them through song which can help improve children’s reading and language skills.

More Active and Healthy Lifestyle

We put an emphasis on our kids’ health. Our educators are dedicated to establishing good health habits that the children will have with them for life. On top of getting our kids active through Zakaroos and Zak’s Yoga Club, we also teach them the importance of eating properly with fun cooking lessons in Little Zak’s Kitchen!

Child care educators are an important member of a child’s journey in their early years. Give your child their best start in life and make us your partner in your child’s journey.

Join us at Little Zak’s as we celebrate an entire day dedicated to our amazing educators and party with us on Early Childhood Educators Day happening on the 6th of September!