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Secrets to Teaching Healthy Eating Habits

One of the biggest struggles parents face is dealing with picky eaters. While it may not always be easy to get kids to eat healthy, it isn’t impossible!

Here are our secrets to teaching our kids healthy eating habits.

Let kids see how food grows

Kids are naturally curious and allowing them to see where their food comes from makes them more eager to try it. At our child care centre in Brookvale, we dedicate an entire area just for Little Zak’s Enviro! Our kids get to plant, water and tend to their own veg to help them develop a greater appreciation for produce.

Make food interesting

A great way to get kids to eat healthier food is to make it more interesting for them. Let them count the number of broccoli pieces you’re adding to a dish or identify the colours of veg you’ve just purchased from the grocery. The more they get to interact with the food, the better!

Prioritise home cooking

Children learn their eating habits at home. Make home cooking a priority instead of opting for fast food or takeaway. They’ll soon develop a fondness for fresh, homemade food instead of processed ones.

Have healthy options at home

Kids will only eat sweets if they have access to it. Start them young and avoid getting them used to sugary and processed food. Instead, always have healthy food at hand to have as snacks any time of the day. Great snack options include carrots, celery, berries, kiwi, and apples!

Get kids cooking

Kids are more open to eating good food if they’ve made it themselves. Get them involved and cooking as young as possible to build a good foundation of healthy eating. All our facilities offer Little Zak’s Kitchen to teach the kids how their meals are prepared and to let them learn all about nutritious food choices.

Praise healthy choices

It may take some awhile but in time, your kids will learn to reach for a healthy snack instead of a sugary biscuit. Make sure to praise them and know that they’ve made a good choice! Kids after all love knowing they’ve done the right thing!

Let them have treats

It’s important to not go overboard with healthy eating! Restricting children can have an adverse effect and may cause them to binge on unhealthy food once outside of your home. Instead, allow your kids to have a treat once in a while.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle with your little one! Just follow our quick tips and watch their eating habits change in no time!