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Signs Your Child is School-Ready

The start of kindergarten is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for many parents. Every child grows at a different pace so there are no hard and fast rules as to what age a child is ready for school. Instead of basing it on a number, look out for these tell-tales signs!

1. Communicates well

The most important thing to note is if your child can express themselves well and can follow simple instructions. Remember, it isn’t just about speaking. At our child care centre in Brookvale, we make sure to practice our kids listening as well as communicating skills. We’ve all been through the terrible two’s and even three’s so it’s essential to observe if your child can listen to a teacher and pick up instructions with little supervision.

2. Sits still

No one’s expecting your child to sit in one spot for the whole day, but your child should be able to sit in a spot long enough for one story or a class activity!

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3. Uses the bathroom independently

Not counting a few accidents, you know your child is school-ready when they know when they have to go to the bathroom. An even bigger indicator is if your child can manage it on their own.

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4. Connects well with others

In kindergarten, your child will be exposed to a whole new world full of unfamiliar kids! A child truly ready for school will be able to make new friends and handle meeting new people well. Observe how your child reacts while at the playground, in their childcare centre in Sydney or even at your family reunion or party!

5. Work on motor skills

Children will be more active in kindergarten so watch out for signs your child is physically ready such as being able to run steadily, throw a ball, jump and climb! Apart from the bigger, gross motor skills, your child should be also have good control on their fine motor skills by being able to grip a pencil or use scissors.

At Little Zak’s we aim to consistently offer the best child care in Sydney by giving your child a holistic learning experience. Our play-based learning program ensure your child develops a thirst for knowledge by catering to their interests and supporting their development through their experiences.

We also offer various extracurricular programs such as Zakaroos and Little Zak’s Yoga Club to keep our children moving.

On top of all of this, we also have an intensive school readiness program to help make the transition into kindergarten a smooth one. Our activities include reading and writing programs, group plays and music and movement to give your child a holistic learning experience.

Talk to one of our experienced educators today and discuss your child’s journey to kindergarten now!