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The Importance of Soccer in a Child’s Early Learning Experience

Playing sports has been proven to have lots of amazing benefits for every child. It is a good way to lessen your children’s dependence on technological devices and screen time which has negative impacts on their wellbeing. For this reason, most parents encourage their children to play sports.

Little Zak’s Academy has a carefully designed a soccer program that enables children to gain fitness regardless of their athletic ability.

Little Zak’s Zakaroos is a fun learning opportunity with a professional coach to develop your child’s well-being and acquire positive character traits and so much more.
Below are the top benefits your child can get from playing soccer:

1. Builds Healthy Habits

Soccer is great exercise and a non-contact sport that increases aerobic capacity. The drills, practice, and games provide your child with an awesome cardiovascular workout which helps in improving physical development, flexibility and strength.

2. Teaches Teamwork and Other Values

Playing soccer teaches children to cooperate with other children, work together and communicate to achieve a particular goal. It also develops perseverance to not give up no matter how challenging the game is and trust in knowing that they can rely on their teammates to do their part in order to succeed. In addition, they can also learn the importance of kindness, patience, friendship, empathy, tolerance, respect, selfishness and so much more.

3. Greater Confidence

Truth is, soccer is a more than just playing, kicking, passing, and scoring — it’s a beneficial way of reducing shyness that contributes to your child’s increased self-esteem. As they improve their soccer skills and receive praises, it will encourage them to keep going. Thus, boosting their self-image even more through gameplay.

4. Enhances Coordination

Dribbling, kicking and shooting the ball develop agility and coordination. Since soccer involves a lot of attention to detail, focus and concentration, every child improves their “hand-eye”, “knee-eye,” “head-eye,” and “foot-eye” coordination. Having these skills is associated with developing flexibility and balance not only in sports but also in many other aspects of their lives.

5. Contributes to Happiness

When playing soccer, your child’s body starts producing a feel-good chemical and happy hormones called Dopamine and Serotonin. These signal your child’s brain into thinking that everything is pleasurable and cheerful. Increased happiness gives children extra energy, satisfaction and it can also be an outlet to avoid negative emotions such as anger and stress.

As you can see, the benefits of soccer extend to all areas of life. Enrolling in a child care centre with a soccer program is a must for every parent wanting to build a great learning foundation for their children.

Little Zak’s Academy is here to be your nurturing partner. Our Zakaroos activities include stretching, relays, dribbling exercises, monkey in the middle, kangaroo jumps and avoid land mines which are all instrumental to children’s fitness, values and skills development. To learn more, contact your closest centre.