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Top 5 Benefits of Language Lessons for Children

Learning a new language can be your child’s newest hobby and it has many advantages for early development and well being.

Research studies have shown that early introduction to foreign languages provides great cognitive enhancement such as increased problem-solving skills and creativity.

Here are the Top 5 benefits of teaching language lessons to children.

1. Easy Learning and Improved Memory

Children will enjoy cognitive benefits such as faster acquisition of new concepts and ability to memorise.

One study suggests that the brain functions of children who speak two languages stay sharper as they age by keeping the mind healthy and active in a manner similar to solving puzzles while preventing mental aging, cognitive decline and dementia.

2. Keen Thinking Skills

Speaking a foreign language gives children a bigger capacity to think critically and creatively. They can multitask easily and quickly, and learn how to be flexible in doing various schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. Therefore, shifting between tasks is just as natural to them as switching between languages.

3. Expand Career Opportunities

Early exposure to new languages allows children to have early career preparation. Language skills can be a significant competitive advantage that sets children apart from their monolingual peers. Whether they will grow up to be an employee or employer, it is an asset that will keep them ahead of the crowd.

4. Deepen Connection to Other Cultures

Bilingual and multilingual children make interaction with other cultures easier. Foreign languages will expose them to other traditions, arts, beliefs, and history of the people associated with that language. As a result, they will learn to develop a heightened understanding, tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of others.

5. Gain Confidence

When children start learning a different language, they will get a boost of confidence knowing that they can meet, talk and be friends with more people. They will feel smarter and competent in dealing with foreign people, places and situations especially once they have already mastered their new skill. Thus, expanding their horizons and life experiences.

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