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What Yoga Can Do For Your Kids

For years now people have been clamoring about the amazing effects yoga has on them. No matter the age, yoga has proven to aid in multiple aspects of life including physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here are the top benefits children can gain from regularly practicing yoga.

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1. Develops body awareness

Yoga is all about learning how your body moves! Children, even toddlers, can use yoga as a way to learn about their different body parts and to practice getting better control of their movements.

2. Builds concentration

Parents everywhere know how much energy young children have! The educators at our child care centre in Brookvale have learned how to expertly utilise yoga in their favour. Yoga has helped them give the children an outlet for their extra energy by channeling the children’s energy into a positive and healthy direction.

3. Encourages physical activity

At Little Zak’s, we believe in teaching our children to be active from a young age! Yoga is a great way to introduce physical movement which in turn aids their physical growth. Apart from being a form of exercise, yoga poses help lengthen and strengthen growing bones and muscles – something important for rapidly growing children!

4. Promotes inclusivity

It’s important to remember that not all children are the same. While we do offer soccer training in the form of Zakaroos across all of our childcare centres in Sydney, we acknowledge that not all children are into the competitive aspect of most sports. Giving children an outlet such as yoga allows them to still be physical while engaging in a non-competitive form of exercise. With yoga, the focus is not on winning or being better than another person, but discovering what you can do with your own body!

5. Boosts Confidence and Self-esteem

A great way to boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem is to help them work towards small goals. By helping and encouraging your child to regularly do yoga, you help them achieve little milestones such as being able to touch their toes or master a new yoga pose which then gives them a sense of accomplishment! And because yoga is a self-paced practice, it removes the pressure to compete and keep up with others around them.

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6. Enhances the imagination

Practicing yoga is a great way to help children explore their imaginations! At our Narellan Vale child care centre, our educators love using the names of the different yoga poses (such as cat-cow, downward dog and lion’s breath) to help develop our children’s imagination. Try incorporating a story when teaching your child about the different yoga poses! We’re sure they’ll love it and will make for great memories with them.

At Little Zak’s, we want children of all ages to experience the wonderful benefits of yoga. Let your child experience it to for no extra charge by enrolling them in Little Zak’s now!