5 Fun Winter Activities for You and Your Children!

With only a handful of weeks left of winter, many parents have exhausted all of the cosy, at-home activities they have in their repertoire. Especially towards the end of the season, children can seem more restless than ever as they wait for the weather to heat up and the days to get longer and sunnier. We understand how difficult it can be to think up fun tasks that will keep your little ones entertained, even more so when they’ve felt cooped up indoors for several months already. These five fun winter activities will keep your children busy and engaged, require minimal prep time for time-poor parents, and will help you get through to the end of the season. So, grab your beanies and cosy jackets — let’s get stuck into some fun winter activities!

Enjoy a Winter Nature Walk

If the weather stays sunny and bright, many of us find it to be warmer outside than it is in our own homes. Rugging up and heading out for a walk is a fun way to enjoy the beautiful nature outside while getting in some exercise and soaking up some vitamin D! Take your children on nature walks around your neighbourhood or to your local park. Encourage them to observe and collect interesting leaves, twigs, and other natural treasures they might find along the way. To make it more engaging, consider turning it into a scavenger hunt — whether it’s bugs, spiders, a type of leaf, or a certain number of twigs, it’s up to you what they search for. If they have collected an abundance of leaves, see if there’s an art project or collage they can create at home with what they’ve found, and keep them occupied all day long. Not only will your children enjoy the fresh air, but they’ll also learn about the changing seasons and the wonders of nature.

Create an Indoor Treasure Hunt

On those days when it is just too cold or wet to be outside, something creative like an indoor treasure hunt is delightful. Create a treasure map and conceal small surprises around the house or hide their favourite toys and provide clues that lead to finding them! Let your children embark on an adventure to find their hidden treasures, fostering their problem-solving skills and imagination. This activity is easy to customise to your own home and your children’s skill level, allowing you to make it more complex with them as they grow. While it does require some level of preparation for parents, it can keep your children entertained for a long time.

Cosy Double Feature Movie Night

A movie night is always a fun idea, but take it up a notch with a double feature! Watching two movies back to back has a couple of bonuses for parents: if you have two children, they both get to choose a movie stopping any fights and arguments; it’s also handy if your child has one movie that they constantly want to watch on repeat, giving you a break by mixing it up a little. To make it a different experience from any regular movie night, help set the scene by bringing out an air mattress, cushy and cosy blankets, surrounding the space with pillows, and dimming the lights. Stock up on everyone’s favourite snacks and even have a break to make delicious hot chocolates with marshmallows for the whole family. This is an easy way to bond with your children while you all enjoy a bit of screen time together.

Build an Indoor Obstacle Course

When the weather doesn’t cooperate with the amount of energy your children have, why not create a thrilling indoor obstacle course? Set up stations using cushions, chairs, and household objects, challenging your children to crawl under tables, jump over pillows, and navigate through an imaginary maze. This activity promotes physical activity, balance, and coordination, all while providing endless fun. Get creative and encourage your child to design their own obstacle courses, enhancing their problem-solving skills and unleashing their creativity!

Crafty Kitchen Adventures

Winter is the ideal time to unleash your inner master chef and involve your children in some cooking adventures. Whip up delicious cookies, muffins, or cupcakes together if you’re wanting a sweet treat, or make sausage rolls, mini pizzas, or vegemite scrolls for a lunchtime snack. Not only will your little ones have a blast mixing, measuring, and decorating, but they’ll also develop essential life skills such as following instructions and understanding basic measurements. There are many benefits to cooking with children, and at Little Zak’s we are sharing a new child-friendly recipe on our Instagram every month. Check out the #LittleZaksCookingAdventures hashtag to see our recipes and share your own photos with us! 


At Little Zak’s, we believe that every season brings unique possibilities for growth and development. Winter may bring cold weather, but it also offers a wealth of opportunities for joyful moments with your children. The activities we’ve shared are designed to foster creativity, learning, and most importantly, family bonding. Embrace the end of the winter season by engaging your little ones in nature walks, treasure hunts, movie nights, cooking adventures, and indoor obstacle courses. These simple and enjoyable activities will not only keep your children entertained but also create lasting memories for the entire family.