5 Surprising Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity for children of all ages! On top of the physical benefits children can receive (including better muscle development, improved balance and co-ordination), swimming has also been linked to a number of surprising benefits, which is why we’ve started offering it to a number of our childcare centres* in Sydney.

Here are 5 benefits you may not know of.

Little Zak's Academy | 5 Surprising Benefits of Swimming

1. Better cognitive development

Children who have had swimming lessons as toddlers have been found to score higher for intelligence and problem solving, often leading to academic success. They’ve also been shown to be more self-disciplined, have greater self-control and an increased desire to succeed.

Little Zak's Academy | 5 Surprising Benefits of Swimming

2. Increased self-confidence

Swimming is a great way for children to learn important life skills. With every skill mastered, children experience a boost in confidence and become more secure and courageous in the water. These children were found to be more independent and comfortable in social situations later on in life.

Little Zak's Academy | 5 Surprising Benefits of Swimming

3. Advanced social and emotional aptitude

Children learn important social cues and skills as they learn how to swim. They tend to understand direction better, which helps them adapt better as they move to the big school. In fact, studies have shown that children who’ve had swimming lessons in early childhood were 15 months ahead (of non-swimmers) in terms of social and emotional development.

Little Zak's Academy | 5 Surprising Benefits of Swimming

4. Improved sleeping patterns

Pool time uses up a lot of energy! Getting accustomed to moving in a new environment and mastering different skills works their little bodies in ways they may not be used to. All of this used up energy makes for tired and sleepy children after an action-packed swimming lesson. Expect your little one to be ready for a nap or to sleep longer at night on swim days!

Little Zak's Academy | 5 Surprising Benefits of Swimming

5. Improved appetite

As we mentioned earlier, swimming requires a lot of energy! All of that physical exertion is sure to burn a lot of calories, making your little one extra hungry. Swimming can lead to an increase in your child’s appetite, especially after a tiring swimming lesson.

*Professional swimming lessons are subject to availability at your centre.