5 Things You Should Ask On a Centre Tour

Your child’s first five years are arguably the most important in their life! Babies experience a massive growth spurt when it comes to their neurological, physical, mental and social development which is why it is absolutely important to find the best childcare provider in Sydney that will cater to their needs!

Here are some questions to ask your centre director during your tour to Little Zak’s.

1. What Are Your Accreditations?

Where your child starts their early life will greatly impact how they develop. While we ensure Little Zak’s is up to our national standards, each centre has garnered different awards and certifications on top of this! Talk to your centre director to find out more about their individual achievements and accreditations.

2. How Do You Hire Staff and What Are Their Qualifications?

At the heart of every childcare centre is its dedicated and passionate staff. Since your child will be spending a lot of time in their care, it’s a good idea to get to know more about them.

On top of their qualifications, ask about how long the staff has been at the centre and what the turnaround rate is. The secret to raising a secure child is building long and lasting connections so having familiar faces around will definitely be a huge factor!

3. What Is the Infant to Childcare Provider Ratio?

It is important to keep the ratio between childcare provider and infant/child as low as possible. At Little Zak’s, we have several rooms dedicated to our kids’ various age groups so we can better monitor and tend to their every need. Each age group has an optimum ratio so don’t be afraid to ask your centre director about the different ratios!

4. How Are Milestones Tracked?

Your child will be going through a lot of milestone in their first years in life! As a parent, we understand you’d expect to be on top of things and notified for various milestones such as transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup or being able to sit by themselves. At our childcare centres in Sydney, we adopt an intentional teaching and spontaneous learning approach to teaching our kids. We work based on their interests to better encourage them to reach their full potentials.

Ask your centre director what programming or chart they have to record and monitor these milestones.

5. What Happens if Your Child is Sick?

Children, especially infants, are more susceptible to illnesses. Its worth asking your centre director about the SOP for when a child is sick. You not only know how they will address your child in the event they do get sick, but will also know how the centre will handle and ensure the health and well-being of their other classmates as well.

Little Zak's Academy | 5 Things You Should Ask On a Centre Tour

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