The Adventure Between Animals and Child Development

The Adventure Between Animals and Child Development

Kids have a natural connection with animals. Exposing them to various fuzzy-creatures from a young age helps not only deepen this connection but drastically promote their development!

More compassionate

When kids are asked to care for another living thing at an early age, they learn the importance of being compassionate. What love and protection they show towards a little creature is in turn applied to the people they meet every day!

Increased sense of responsibility

Trusting kids with caring for animals, such as a pet, makes them more responsible. They quickly learn how their pet is dependent on them and will be more mindful when it comes to feeding time and cleaning up after it.

Better social development

Love for animals is instinctual in little children and can become a common ground between them. Exposing your child to different types of animals can serve as a topic of interest to help them engage with other children their age! After all, children are more likely to interact with other kids who like the same things.

Deeper form of empathy

Empathy is something our educators aim to teach all our children. In our child care facility, for instance, we have regular incursions which expose the children to various animals and veterinarians who can help teach our children to love all types of animals. They then soon learn to empathise with not just animals but with everyone around them.

Appreciation of nature

Sadly, a lot of Australia’s natural wildlife is endangered or at a high risk of being endangered. At our child care centre in Brookvale and various others in NSW, we teach our kids the importance of caring for all creatures so future generations may also appreciate them. Through this, we hope to raise a generation of Australians committed to preserving and caring for our wildlife.

Love for the Earth

Once kids have learned to love animals, they also learn to love their natural habitats. As a result, kids not only care for the animals but are also more committed to helping protect the Earth. They become more aware of how their actions affect the planet which then helps them make more environmentally-conscious choices in the future!

Learning to love animals starts from a young age. At Little Zak’s, we make sure kids learn the importance of caring for animals of all shapes and sizes. Join us as we celebrate World Animal Day on the 4th of October and help us take better care of Australia’s wildlife!