Break the Barrier into Childcare

A child’s mind is full of wonder and excitement! Everything is a new opportunity for them to learn and to grow. With more new experiences, a child’s brain starts to make more connections between these experiences, allowing their brains to develop even quicker.

Studies have shown that a childcare centre can better facilitate learning by providing informal and structured activities within a safe environment. Apart from showing that most of these children grow up to be more stable with their careers, they’ve also shown to be closer with mum and dad!

Little Zak's Academy | Break the Barrier into Childcare

Caring Environment

At Little Zak’s Academy, we give each child the right care and attention he or she needs in order to foster early childhood development.

To provide your child with the best learning environment possible, we employ a staff of professionals who know the importance of maintaining the optimum level of care and education for all of our children.

For babies to reach their full potential, it’s important for them to develop an understanding that the world is a safe place for them which is why we make sure every child will get the love and attention he or she needs at our daycare. Our caregivers are dedicated to building a relationship of trust and love with your little one so that he or she will feel secure at all times.

Trust is a driving factor for us at Little Zak’s Academy and we view you as our partner in your child’s journey into early childhood. We’ll work closely with your family to create a caring environment, where your baby can feel loved, safe and secure.

Little Zak's Academy | Break the Barrier into Childcare

Spontaneous Learning

Little Zak’s Academy carefully researches about new techniques and guides for the best ways to help young minds develop. Through the use of play-based learning, we can assure that our babies can attain maximum cognitive development in a fun and easy manner. We also constantly change and adapt our curriculum to accommodate any new advancements when it comes to child care.

Our fun and interactive games and activities can help your baby learn about moving, communicating, understanding their surroundings and forming relationships with other people. Every experience from cuddling to nappy changing is an opportunity to nurture your baby’s growing mind.

Little Zak's Academy | Break the Barrier into Childcare

Benefits for Mum and Dad

Apart from being beneficial to children, time at a childcare centre has also proven to be beneficial for mum and dad as well. Get a much-deserved time to yourself to recharge for the day.

And because we encourage every parent to be as involved as possible at Little Zak’s Academy, you’ll also get to meet and develop bonds with other parents. Get to form lifelong friendships with parents who are as passionate as you are in raising responsible and well-rounded children.

Delving into an early learning centre does not need to be a scary experience for you and your young one. Feel at ease and let us make this journey easier for you. Find a Little Zak’s Academy near you and be a part of our family today!