Enriching Your Child’s Early Learning

Parents and educators play important roles in a child’s early development. The educators at Little Zak’s academy apply the latest learning techniques to maximise children’s learning. But learning shouldn’t end at their childcare centre in Sydney. Here’s how you can enrich your child’s learning at home!

1. Ask about their lessons for the day

Staying involved in your child’s learning is the first step to helping enrich their learning. Stay connected by asking them what they learned at their childcare centre for the day! Your genuine interest will also develop a future eagerness and love for learning in your child!

2. Encourage questions and conversations

Build a better connection with your child by promoting more conversations at home. Children are naturally curious and will have lots of questions about the world. Be genuinely interested in these questions and encourage even more!

If they enjoy dinosaurs, encourage them to discuss their favourite ones with you. Ask questions like “how big is the dinosaur?” “what colour was it?” and “what did it eat?” to keep them wanting to learn more.

3. Read together every day

Practice reading and vocabulary by reading together every day. Listen to your child read out loud to you (if they can) or help them by reading to them.

Read books that interest them – such as about certain animals, cars or sports. This will not only help practice their reading skills but will also develop a love of reading at an early age.

4. Connect with their educators

At Little Zak’s, we value the connection with our dedicated parents. Working closely with your childcare centre educators will help lead to a positive influence on your child’s learning!

Share with us important information about your children, such as your heritage or your family life. Knowing, for example, that your child has recently gotten a younger brother or sister can help us give a more enriching learning experience about siblings and new family members in the family.

5. Apply lessons in the real world

Expand the learning atmosphere beyond just their childcare centre in Sydney and at home. Every experience is another opportunity to learn!

When at the grocery, teach them about counting by asking them to get a specific number of cookies or ask them to find vegetables in a certain colour. Encourage them to read license plates while in the car or to point out various shapes while on the road. Let them see how their lessons fit in to their lives so they’ll be even more excited about their upcoming lessons!

6. Get involved at the childcare centre

Studies have shown that children develop quicker when they see the strong connection between their home life and the childcare centre. Volunteer every chance you can for our various activities at Little Zak’s Academy! After all, at the centre of Little Zak’s Academy is our love for family.

Little Zak’s Academy is dedicated to providing your child with quality education and modern facilities. By working closely with our educators, we can assure your child gets a positive and enriched learning experience!