How Important is Early Childhood Education for Success in School?

An important decision for many parents to make is which school they would like to enrol their child in, which means they must plan and choose the best early learning childcare centre that will help their little ones become prepared. With many childcare centres available in Sydney and across New South Wales, it is important to find the best childcare centre for your child, and one of the factors to consider is the prep school program it offers. At Little Zak’s Academy, we have developed our prep school program to serve as a foundation between early childhood education and kindergarten.

Every parent wants nothing but the best possible education for their child. At Little Zak’s, we use an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education. We provide our children ages four to six with the skills and exposure they need to excel in primary school. Here are five benefits you need to consider when choosing a prep school for your little one.

  1. Learning facilities

    Our leading childcare centres invest in the educational programs but also invests in the teaching equipment and sports facilities that are of the highest standards. Parents looking to enrol their children are welcomed to book a tour to check out our facilities.

    A childcare centre that does not adopt the best teaching facilities will slow down the learning process.

  2. Specialist teachers

    Children do not grow in moulds; they have different needs and learning requirements since they all progress at different paces. At Little Zak’s Academy, all our childcare centres have teachers and educators who are carefully selected with the necessary skills and experience to teach young ones no matter their learning ability or special requirements.

    Our aim to give parents the reassurance they need that their children will be looked after by getting detailed attention from their educators.

  3. Personal relationships

    The childcare industry is known to have a quick turnover when it comes to teachers and educators. Fortunately, that is not the case at Little Zak’s Academy, as one of Sydney’s most sought-after childcare centres to work with and offer many benefits for every employee. This allows our educators to get to know the little ones on a personal level, which is usually quite tricky in large childcare centres. All children, along with their parents, enjoy the fact that their teachers know them on a personal level. This helps us closely monitor every child’s progress –both academically and socially.

  4. Extra-curricular activities

    The best childcare centres have a range of extra-curricular activities that can help students develop new skills, enjoy social interactions, and develop optimistic learning attributes. We believe in play-based learning and this is why we have developed a range of extra-curricular activities including yoga, soccer, language lessons, and swimming, which helps us identify your child’s unique skills and talents.

  5. Success

    Due to the detailed attention our teachers provide to the kids in our childcare centres which leads to their later success in school. This is because our program covers many educational, social, and developmental aspects including literacy & numeracy, phonics awareness, engaged senses, developmental social skills by exposing children to a stimulating learning environment.

    The activities include math drills, writing exercises, team activities, educational apps, storytelling, and reading the clock. This early boost can help them as they continue throughout their time in education and help them gain more opportunities to join a better school or university.

If you are interested in enrolling your child today, join our waitlist or book a tour today to experience the Little Zak’s difference.