How the New Child Care Subsidy Can Benefit Stay-at-Home Mums

Little Zak's Academy | How the New Child Care Subsidy Can Benefit Stay-at-Home Mums

We know – the new child care subsidy can be a bit confusing! If you’re thinking that it’s just for working couples, well we’ve got some good news for you!

For single income households to receive a subsidy, both (or one) parent must do 8 hours of recognised activity a fortnight.

A variety of activities fall under this category including studying, training or volunteering. The number of hours of recognised activity dictates the number of subsidies early learning hours your child will receive.

Recognised activities include:

Paid work – such as paid leave, paid or unpaid parental and maternity leave or self-employment.

Study and training – such as enrolment in an approved course of education or study or enrolment in training course to improve the individual’s skills or employment options.

Unpaid work – such as work in the family business (owned by a member of the immediate family), actively setting up a business or unpaid internships.

Actively Job Searching – such as job searching, preparing resumes and job applications, contacting prospective employers or preparing for and attending interviews.

Setting up a business – such as obtaining finance, advice and support, attending and conducting meetings, networking, developing business and marketing plans.

Volunteer work – such as voluntary work to improve work skills, voluntary work for a charitable, welfare or community organization, voluntary work for a school, preschool or centre-based day care service that directly supports children’s learning and development.

*Being a part of the Parents and Citizens Committee, coaching your child’s sports team or the link are not counted towards recognised volunteer activity and are considered to be parental duties.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how much you can get from the new child care subsidy, we’ve made things easier for you with our child care subsidy estimator!

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