New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Child

Little Zak's Academy | New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Child

It is a crucial part of a child’s development to set goals and work on achieving them to help grow their sense of responsibility. But how can your child learn to choose a goal that is achievable and make a commitment to reach it? With the start of the new year comes a great opportunity to get your child to set a goal and make it an annual habit from an early age to create a ‘New Year’s Resolution’.

When sitting down with your little one to come up with their new year’s resolution, try giving them hints to help with the process, especially if it is their first time. Ensure that their ideas are achievable and appropriate for their age, while still being challenging.

As a leading childcare centre in Greater Sydney and NSW, we have put together some ideas to assist you with your child’s new year resolution.

Home responsibility goals

  1. Keep his/her room clean
  2. Help parents with cooking
  3. Do assigned chores
  4. Be Kind and help siblings
  5. Put toys away when done using them

Educational goals

  1. Complete homework on time
  2. Learn a new fact every week

Self-development goals

  1. Go to bed at a decent hour without being reminded
  2. Exercise each day
  3. Learn to plan their own time – when to play, exercise and study
  4. Less screen time
  5. Brush teeth at least twice a day
  6. Find a new hobby
  7. The memorisation of their full name, address and parent’s phone number (and never give them out to strangers!)
  8. Read a new book each week or month

Eating goals

  1. Eat fewer snacks – something that your child can start choosing for themself after learning the benefits of the different foods, which we teach in Zak’s Kitchen at our childcare centres.
  2. Having a fruit or vegetable as part of each meal
  3. Try new dishes
  4. Drink more water and limit other sugary drinks

Community goals

  1. Be nice to everyone and never be part of any bullying, but help stop it instead
  2. Find ways to be actively involved in the community (such as picking up garbage at the local parks)
  3. Ask for help when needed, and help others when possible

We hope these ideas can help you – make your list and suggestions to your little one as you see fit and please remember each child is unique and requires a unique set of goals. If you are looking to enrol your child in one of the best childcares in Sydney, book a tour today at your local childcare centre.