How to Raise a Science-Loving Child

Children are natural scientists! Their innate sense of wonder and curiosity pushes them to want to learn more about their surroundings.

Research shows that secondary schools’ have been veering towards math and reading in recent years and has caused a decline in the love for science and technology.

The good news is, a thirst for science isn’t always influenced by school alone. Here are 5 ways you can raise a science-loving child!

Little Zak's Academy | How to Raise a Science-Loving Child

1. Help them explore

From a young age, exposing children to the different fields of science can deeply influence their love for it.

At our various Little Zak’s centres, such as our child care centre in Brookvale, we provide incursion opportunities wherein various members of our community, such as Kindi farms and veterinarians, are invited to come to our child care centre to expose the children to their community.

Little Zak's Academy | How to Raise a Science-Loving Child

2. Provide a role model

Studies show that children are more passionate about a subject when they find someone they can emulate. Provide your child with a good role model he/she can look up to and can guide him/her in the quest for science!

A role model can be anyone from an engineer uncle, doctor aunt or even someone to watch on YouTube or on television!

Little Zak's Academy | How to Raise a Science-Loving Child

3. Encourage them

Words are a big factor when it comes to motivation. To raise a science-loving child, be sure to speak about science positively. When they feel like science is a fun and rewarding experience, they’ll be more eager to learn about it. Conversely, if you speak negatively about science (such as to say how you were not interested in it yourself growing up), they’re likely to be more hesitant about it as well.

Little Zak's Academy | How to Raise a Science-Loving Child

4. Plan science experiments

Make science fun for your little one by creating easy yet educational science experiments! Not only will these help them increase their natural curiosity and affinity towards science, but it can also serve as a fun bonding activity for the family!

At our child care centres, we make sure to plan a new science activity every week to keep their interests high!

Little Zak's Academy | How to Raise a Science-Loving Child

5. Let them play

The simplest way to raise a science-loving child is to simply let them play and be kids! Allow them to explore the world on their own and create new experiences by themselves. By letting them get dirty and be themselves, you allow their natural curiosity and wonder about the world grow! Don’t worry about the mess now, it’ll bring about good things in your child in the future.

At Little Zak’s Academy, we aim to educate children with a love and thirst for science. We prepare various programmes and activities to help foster this natural inclination.

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