What does a career in childcare at Little Zak’s Academy mean?

Working as an Early Childhood Educator is a rewarding career with so many benefits. Not only do you get to work with children every day, but you also have great opportunities to advance your career – taking on more responsibility and new challenges as your experience and confidence grow. At Little Zak’s Academy, we offer a supportive and encouraging environment where educators can learn, grow, and meet their career and personal goals.


What is Little Zak’s Academy?

Little Zak’s Academy is a group of early learning centres with over 40 venues across Sydney. These are either already operational or due to begin operation in the coming year. We attribute the huge success of Little Zak’s to our dedication to creating a play-based environment where children’s physical, social, and academic development is optimised through both spontaneous and intentional learning. Of course, our passionate and skilled educators are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and supportive work environment that allows our educators to flourish, resulting in a positive and engaged workforce, which in turn delivers the highest possible standard of care to the children attending our centres.


Why choose a career at Little Zak’s Academy?

Whether you’re just getting started in your career as an Early Childhood Educator, or you’re already planning your next move, Little Zak’s is a great place to work. Not only do we prioritise mentoring and supporting all our educators to meet their career goals, but we also offer a number of specific workplace benefits that set us apart from other centres. Some of the key benefits of working at Little Zak’s include:


  • Staff discounts – Many of our staff members are parents themselves, and we are proud to offer exclusive staff discounts for childcare fees at our centres. 
  • Wages above award rates – We believe our staff are above average, so we reward them with wages that are above the award rate.
  • Retention bonus – At Little Zak’s we value loyalty, which is why we reward staff members who stick around by paying a retention bonus. This is our way of saying thank you for continuing to be a part of the Little Zak’s family.
  • Team-building activities – Trust, support, and camaraderie are essential qualities of every Little Zak’s team. We invest in team-building activities to ensure each staff member feels connected to their team.
  • Employee of the Month Award – At Little Zak’s we take the time to notice when our staff are going above and beyond, or reaching new goals. We celebrate the success of our educators every month with our Employee of the Month Award.
  • Surprise benefits – Each centre will have surprise perks for the employees who become part of the Little Zak’s family. 



At Little Zak’s Academy, we have roles ranging from Trainee all the way to Area Manager, with positions available for a range of education and experience levels. 



At Little Zak’s our trainee positions are highly sought after, offering you a supportive and encouraging environment in which to learn, while also allowing you to earn a great income at the same time. Our traineeship position is an 18-month full-time role with a competitive pay rate, allowing you to study on the job while you are working towards your education in Early Childhood Education. 



Room Assistant – If you hold a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, this is a great starting role for you. In this role you’ll work hands-on with children, supporting your Room Leader to deliver educational programs and record children’s learning.

Room Leader – If you’ve obtained your Diploma and are looking to advance from a Room Assistant role, this leadership role could be just what you’re looking for. As Room Leader, you will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of our educational programs. 


Educator Leader

Passionate about supporting other educators to grow and develop their skills? This is a great role for anyone who enjoys mentoring others, as it involves supporting the learning and development of the educators at your centre. To be eligible for this role you must hold at least a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.


Second in Charge (2IC)

If you’re ready to take on a more senior role within a centre, this is a great first step into upper management. In this role you will support the centre director and perform administrative tasks, growing your experience and expertise in centre management. To be eligible for this role you must hold at least a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.


Centre Director

In this important role, you will be responsible for overseeing the daily running of the centre, supporting staff, and liaising with families to deliver outstanding education and care. We have centre director roles available for both standard centres and large centres, with generous salary packages that are reflective of the responsibilities.


Area Manager

While at many centres career progression stops at Centre Manager, at Little Zak’s our large network of centres means we also have multiple Area Manager roles available. This position involves supporting a group of centres to ensure their educational programs and practices are in line with the Department of Education as well as working directly with Centre Directors and 2ICs to optimise the running of each individual centre. 


Interested in a career at Little Zak’s Academy?

If you’re keen to kickstart your career with Little Zak’s, check out our current job opportunities or submit an expression of interest for future roles.