Why Do We Teach Yoga at Little Zak’s Early Learning Centres?

Little Zak's Academy | Why Do We Teach Yoga at Little Zak’s Early Learning Centres?

As a leading childcare group in NSW, we were one of the first early learning centres to include yoga within our extra-curricular activities. Our specialised activities, like yoga, are offered to all enrolled children at no additional cost because we know how kids can benefit.

We wanted to explain to all the parents and carers why yoga and the included activities such as breathing exercises, yoga storytelling and yoga gratitude have become part of our educational program at Little Zak’s centres. The benefits of kid’s yoga, from physical health to wellbeing are endless.

Yoga has always been a popular exercise for adults due to the range of benefits it offers such as improving posture and reducing anxiety levels. Kids are no different since recent studies have proved that yoga has the same impact on children too. Let us explore some of the benefits…

A. Improve Confidence

Yoga exposes kids to new challenges such as learning new poses which requires a flow between their bodies and minds. These challenges help kids at an early stage of their lives to build confidence by achieving the little milestones during their practice. The best thing about yoga is that kids do not feel they are competing, allowing each child to learn at their own pace.

B. Healthy Body

A healthy mind creates a healthy body, that is a known fact. Yoga nourishes the mind as well as the body through the physical poses, stretches and body movement. This body coordination and improved strength reduces the risk of physical injury during other activities.

C. Focus

Our early learning educators have noticed at our different childcare centres in throughout NSW that kids tend to focus and concentrate more when they join our yoga classes. This improvement in concentration has also positively reflected on their attention span as well as their behaviour.

D. Stress Management

Part of any yoga training is to control breathing and coordinate this with body movement. This exercise helps with stress and anxiety management for children since it provides a feeling of calm and reassurance.

When a child feels they are in control of something, such as breath, this reduces their anxiety level and helps to manage stress. Yoga is known to be a powerful tool for kids and adults to self-control stress and anxiety.

E. Inclusivity

Yoga, like our many other activities offered at our childcare centres, ensure kids are staying healthy and active. Not all children necessarily enjoy the competitive nature of those sports, this is why yoga is more inclusive, encouraging the child to focus on themself, not others.

There are many other benefits of kid’s yoga. Our educators are always striving to implement quality programs for our kids, in a playful environment to ensure the kids enjoy every day at Little Zak’s Academy.

As part of our dedication to providing the best possible education for children in their early years of development, we have developed Zak’s Yoga Club which is available for free to all enrolled children aged two to five.

If you would like to see what we are talking about and explore our quality childcare centres available across Sydney and NSW, book a tour today! Become part of a great community that offers the best possible start for your kids.